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The episodes below begin at noon.

Monday, May 1: "Red Pussycat Piper" and "Solar Specs."

Tuesday, May 2: "Too Many Cooks" and "Join the Club."

Wednesday, May 3: "Bailey's Back" and "Streaky's Inner Struggle."

Thursday, May 4: "Face Time" and "Catopia."

Friday, May 5: "The Parrots and the Pirate" and "Robbie's Return."

Monday, May 8: "Meet the Dog Stars" and "The Streaky Story."

Tuesday, May 9: "Diaper Madness" and "Feline Fatale."

Wednesday, May 10: "Dog-Gone Kevin" and "The Dark Hound Strikes!"

Thursday, May 11: "My Pet Boys" and "Dem Bones."

Friday, May 12: "Bat Hound for a Day" and "Dogbot."

Monday, May 15: "Old Dog, New Tricks" and "Talk to the Animals."

Tuesday, May 16: "My Uncle, the Super Hero" and "Top Dog."

Wednesday, May 17: "Puss in Space Boots" and "Teeny Tiny Trouble."

Thursday, May 18: "Dogbot to the Rescue" and "Bad Bailey."

Friday, May 19: "Circus of the Dog Stars" and "Bat Hound's Bad Luck."

Monday, May 22: "The Living End" and "The Dog Days of Winter."

Tuesday, May 23: "Bad Hair Day" and "The Cat and The Bat."

Wednesday, May 24: "Melanie's Monkey" and "Funny Business.

Thursday, May 25: "Now You See Him" and "Bones of Contention."

Friday, May 26: "Superdog? Who's Superdog?" and "The Good Life."

The episodes below begin at 6:30 a.m.

Tuesday, May 30: "Up, Up and Away" and "Dinosaur Time."

Thursday, June 1: "Puppy Problems" and "Switching Sides."

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