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SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2006


Marvel news -- and much more!!!


For covers and five-page previews of Image Comics titles arriving in stores on May 3, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Savage Dragon #125 and Spawn #155. - More Product. More Exclusives.


The Sentinel head that was shown during Hugh Jackman's appearance on NBC's The Tonight Show on Friday was not a special effect.

"It's practical," X-Men: The Last Stand special effects supervisor John Bruno told The Continuum during a visit to the set in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Later, journalists were shown the head, which is about 8 feet high and 15 feet in circumference.

In other X-Men: The Last Stand News:

* Jackman was spotlighted in the crowd Sunday at the NBA playoff game between Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns on ABC.

* Ian McKellen, who returns as Magneto, will be a guest on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday. Famke Janssen (Jean Grey) will be a guest on the show on Friday.

* Look for daily coverage of X-Men: The Last Stand running through the film's opening weekend here in The Continuum.

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The Continuum has obtained the schedule of episodes for Teen Titans on Cartoon Network in May.

For the complete schedule for May, CLICK HERE.

Look for more animation news on Monday here in The Continuum.


Kevin Grevioux will launch his new series, The Vindicators, in July from Alias Comics.

"The Vindicators is about the most powerful group of superheroes in the world," Grevioux said. "This is a group of black superheroes who exist in a parallel universe where southern world of Africa is the center of the world and not Europe of the west.

"The story centers around the leader of the group, Shartati; she is one of the most powerful heroes on the planet, but her confidence is shaken when she has to deal with the pressures assuming the mantle of team leader."

Art for The Vindicators is by Leonel Castellani.

"One of the reasons I created this book is because of the dearth of good black superheroes out there, and very few powerful ones," Grevioux said. "I hear African-American parents all the time talking about how there are not a lot of comics about black superhero comics their kids can read about on a regular basis. Hopefully, with the Vindicators, we can toss our hat into the ring and acknowledge an under-serviced demographic."


* BCI has announced a July 4 release for The Legend of Prince Valiant -- The Complete Series, Volume One. The 33-episode, five-DVD set is the first of two volumes (a total of 65 episodes) to be released under BCI¹s newly created Ink and Paint Brand which will focus on licensed animated content, and is the first in a full line of titles licensed from the Hearst Entertainment catalog.


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