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Written by Peter Steigerwald and Vince Hernandez, pencils by Khari Evans and Steigerwald, inks by Nick Nix, colors by Paul Mounts, cover by Michael Turner.

Aspen Seasons returns with a sizzlin' summer time edition! This installment contains two new stories, showcasing both a Fathom and a Soulfire tale! The Fathom story comes fully written and illustrated by Aspen's Peter Steigerwald, who continues his exploration of the Fathom universe, providing more insight on everyone's favorite underwater heroine! The second story -- written by Aspenıs Vince Hernandez, who is joined by Daughters of Dragon artist Khari Evans (illustrating his first ever Soulfire tale -- features Soulfire's techno-villain Mr. Abel! See what happens when evil and technology collide, and how Mr. Abel became one of the most feared men on the planet

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Michael Turner and Frank Mastromauro, pencils by Micah Gunnell, inks by Jason Gorder, colors by Beth Sotelo.

Barely escaping with their lives, Theo, Kiori and Thom set out to uncover the mystery behind their demonic-looking adversaries. But, even though Theo is attempting to open up communications between he, Ange and Dev, is there something about these foes they're not telling him? They might never get the chance though, because Theo's about to embark upon the journey of his life -- and he doesnıt even know it!

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by J.T. Krul, pencils by Marcus to, inks by Don Ho and Saleem Crawford, colors by David Moran.

In a time long past, when the world was still young and primitive, magic thrived in this untamed land. And just how it had always been, man and creature held true to the same common desire, survival! But, a deadly new threat has emerged from the shadows, looking to claim the planet's raw magical power, and they won't let anyone or anything, stand in their way! It's a brand new Soulfire tale unlike any other youve ever experienced, as only Aspen could deliver! Featuring a painted cover compilation between artist Marcus To and Aspen colorist Peter Steigerwald.

32 pages, $2.99.

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