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THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2006


BLADE (Kirk "Sticky" Jones)

A "half-breed" whose mother was attacked by vampires while pregnant with him, Blade is half-human, half-vampire, and is forced to inject a special serum on a daily basis to control his raging thirst for blood. He is an incredible martial artist and warrior, armed with a silver sword, this legendary vampire hunter ferociously seeks out his vampire prey and destroys them. Blade possesses all the vampiresı strengths and none of their weaknesses ­ and is both feared and hated by his nemeses.

KRISTA STARR (Jill Wagner)

A recent military veteran drained by combat traumas, Krista is trying to re-enter "normal" civilian life when she learns that her fraternal twin brother, Zack, has been killed under mysterious circumstances. Unable to get any resolution from the police, Krista decides to investigate Zack's death herself. Itıs a decision that catapults her into a strange new world that she didnıt even know existed. Krista is courageous, tenacious and a fierce adversary in finding out the truth behind her brother's death.


Marcus is a charismatic, dapper, sexy, aristocratic vampire with pale skin, piercing eyes and an unquenchable thirst for power -- and blood. A wealthy developer and a pillar of the community, Marcus easily moves among the cityıs elite, but his real power stems from his ties to the age-old House of Chthon, venerable vampire rulers which he heads up.

SHEN (Nelson Lee)

Bladeıs loyal ally and confidant, Shen works to perfect new technologies and specialized weaponry for Blade to use in his battles against vampires.

CHASE (Jessica Gower)

A stunning vampire, Chase is Marcus' most loyal and lethal lieutenant.

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