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SATURDAY, MAY 27, 2006


X-Men: The Last Stand, Image Comics news, animation news -- and much more!!!


X-Men: The Last Stand opened much larger than expected on Friday, with an estimated $44.5 million according to ShowBizData, and now figures to set several records over the Memorial Day weekend.

Should the numbers hold, it will be the second-biggest opening day, trailing only Star Wars: Episode 3 -- Revenge of the Sith's. It would be the biggest opening Friday, since Revenge of the Sith opened on a Thursday.

Averaging nearly $12,000 per theater with packed audiences on Friday, X-Men: The Last Stand could challenge Spider-Man's three-day opening record of $114.3 million from 2002 and should shatter the record for Memorial Day weekend.

All three X-Men movies have now opened bigger than expected and continue to show unprecedented strong franchise growth. X-Men opened with $21.1 million on July 14, 2000, on its way to $157.3 million. X2 opened with $31.2 million on May 2, 2003, on its way to $214.9 million.

Since 1998, 10 of the 13 Marvel movies have topped the box office: Blade, X-Men, Blade II, Spider-Man, Daredevil, X2, Hulk, Spider-Man 2, Fantastic Four and now X-Men: The Last Stand.

X-Men: The Last Stand has been promoted as the last in the X-Men series. And while Wolverine and Magneto spin-offs are in the works, could there still be an X-Men 4?

"As far as the X-Men and where all these characters are, it seems like (the end) to me," director Brett Ratner said. "How much more bigger budget can they make a movie?"

Ratner, who will next film Rush Hour 3 with Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, did say he would be interested in returning to the X-Men universe.

"I would love to do it," Ratner said. "I love working with these actors, they're fantastic. I loved the experience of making this movie. It's everything you want in a movie -- it's drama, it's action, it's emotion, it's intelligent, it's got everything."

Look for more on X-Men: The Last Stand on Sunday and Monday here in The Continuum, including comments from the actors on specific plots.

X-Men from Entertainment Earth!


The Continuum has obtained two new images of Neil Jackson as Marcus Van Sciver from Spike TV's upcoming Blade: The Series.

Here's how Spike TV describes the character:

"Marcus is a charismatic, dapper, sexy, aristocratic vampire with pale skin, piercing eyes and an unquenchable thirst for power -- and blood. A wealthy developer and a pillar of the community, Marcus easily moves among the city's elite, but his real power stems from his ties to the age-old House of Chthon, venerable vampire rulers which he heads up."

Jackson is shown in an image from the pilot episode and in a gallery shot with Jessica Gower, who plays Chase, Van Sciver's trusted lieutenant.

Jackson is a native of the United Kingdom, perhaps best known for his role as Perdiccas in Oliver Stone's Alexander movie. He is a former British Universities boxing champion.

"Neil Jackson is the great British villain that Blade needs," said Jon Kroll of New Line Television, which is produing the series. "Blade is so street that we wanted to have a really proper villain."

Kroll said that Van Sciver's mission will unfold over the season.

During a recent convention appearance, Geoff Johns, who wrote the pilot and is consulting producer, said that the character was named after comic-book artist Ethan Van Sciver.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images, and look for more on Blade -- which premieres on June 28 -- soon here in The Continuum.

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For a schedule of Teen Titans episodes on Cartoon Network from June 5-July 2, CLICK HERE.

Look for the schedule of episodes of Krypto the Superdog on Sunday here in The Continuum.

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Dabel Brothers Production has announced it will follow the first XIII graphic novel in June with the second in October, and subsequent volumes will ship every three to four month.

The graphic novels will contain the original art of William Vance with no censorship whatsoever.

"Censorship was one of the biggest concerns on the part of the fans with the monthly issues, and we don't want it to be a barrier any longer," said Ernst Dabel, president of DB Pro. "XIII is an adult story that does contain some graphic violence and nudity. But it is certainly no more than one would find in many other graphic novels available at a major bookstore, and we see no reason to continue angering fans by censoring it."

Here's how DB Pro describes the books:

"In 1984, a graphic novel by the name of XIII was released to a French-reading audience. Written by Jean van Hamme and illustrated by William Vance with a story similar to Robert Ludlum's The Bourney Identity, XIII soon established itself as a fantastic adventure full of twists and turns as readers followed the travels of a man who had no memory of who he was or what he had done. XIII has since become one of Europe's most popular comics, selling over 16 million copies and enjoying a regular print run of around 550,000 copies per book with additional printings in 15 different languages."

While DB Pro reports that monthly issue of XIII fared well in sales, Dabel said he excepts the trade paperback series to do better.

"In Europe, XIII has been released in graphic novel format from the start," he said, "at a rate of around one volume per year. Each chapter tells its own story. Each of our graphic novels collect three volumes of the European version, giving readers three years of storylines that will leave them wanting to know the answers to the many questions that are raised by the end."


For covers and four- to five-page previews of upcoming titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include G.I. Joe vs. Transformers III #3 from Devil's Due Publishing, All New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #5 from Marvel Comics and Screwtooth #1 from SLG Publishing.


* Warner Home Video has released the package back art for the upcoming V for Vendetta Special Edition DVD. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

* Neca has secured the V for Vendetta license and will be producing a 1/6 scale resin statue and a poseable 7-inch action figure.

* Eagle One Media announced it has assembled and released the Deadworld comic series on CD-ROM.

The Deadworld CD-ROM collects the original 46 black-and-white 46 issues of the comic-book series, two mini-series and four short stories, and includes artwork and bonus materials. Each comic book has been digitally scanned and restored from cover-to-cover, more than 1,700 pages.

"Fans have always asked about getting the back issues and now they can and they can get them all. I'm really excited to be working with Eagle One on providing such a great product for the Deadworld readers," said Deadworld's Gary Reed.

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