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FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2006


PHILADELPHIA -- At Wizard World Philadelphia's DC Nation panel, Dan DiDio announced that Manhunter, which had been canceled with its 25th issue, has been given a reprieve.

DiDio said the series will now continue through at least #30.

"Everybody started writing in," DiDio said of reaction to the book's scheduled end. "It made me start to think, so we're giving it another shot. It shows that we're listening."

In other highlights from the panel:

* Teen Titans writer Geoff Johns said that Mas y Menos, characters from the Teen Titans animated series, will be appearing in the DCU comic book.

* DiDio said that the first 26 issues of 52 were "pretty much done" and that Johns was in town to start work in earnest for the second half of the book's run.

* DC Nation pins were again handed out, and DiDio said attendees of Comic-Con International in San Diego seen wearing the pins could win giveaways.

* Johns on the new Justice Society of America series that launches in October, with art by Dale Eagelsham: "If you're a fan of the old series, you'll like the new one. It's going to be better written. I love these characters. It's my favorite book."

* DiDio said he's very excited about the work that Andy Kubert is doing with Grant Morrison on "Batman and Son," their first arc together on Batman.

* The new Batwoman will appear in 52 #18. DiDio said she is currently targeted as a supporting character.

* DiDio said that Scott McDaniel will be the artist on Green Arrow "for the long haul."

* DiDio was coy about the future of the Spectre after the upcoming mini-series. But he said minis like Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre and Secret Six tell finite stories and allow DC to gauge if ongoings are desired.

* Johns said that The Question will appear in 52 at least twice a month and that Greg Rucka writes "a hilarious Question."

* Asked about Jack Kirby's Fourth World characters, DiDio said, "You didn't see any of them in Crisis, did you? Pretty strange. You like Kamandi? You didn't see him in Infinite Crisis either."

He later added that Darkseid will be show up "very soon."

* Mystery in Space will be written by Jim Starlin, starting in September.

* Bob Wayne said that sales of Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes have gone up since Supergirl was added to the book.

* Johns said Connor Hawke will be getting his own book. The mini-series will be by Chuck Dixon and Damion Scott.

* Johns said that "Titans East" is the name of a story he is writing for Teen Titans, not a new book.

Wendy and Marvyn will be used sporadically in Teen Titans, Johns said.

* DiDio said the three biggest chances in the DCU after Infinite Crisis: 1.) Superman's youth is now "hazy." 2.) Batman brought in his parents' killer, Joe Chill; 3.) Wonder Woman was a founding member of the Justice League of America.

* DiDio said there will be surprises coming out of the Battle for Bludhaven mini-series that will lead into future stories.

* Johns said Black Adam will eventually appear in Justice Society of America. "But not as a member? Who knows?" he said.

* The Spirit monthly by Darwyn Cooke is targeted for a December launch.

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