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FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2006


PHILADELPHIA -- A new Blade series and two new MAX titles were announced Friday at the Mondo Marvel panel at Wizard World Philadelphia.

Blade -- an ongoing title that launches in September -- will be written by Marc Guggenheim, who also currently writes Wolverine. The series will take place in the Marvel Universe.

An artist has not been named yet, although Marko Djurdjevic is doing covers for the first six issues.

Hellstorm: Son of Satan will be a MAX title, written by novelist Alexander Irvine, with art by Russel Braun and Klaus Janson.

"It's really creep," Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said. "It's the first salvo at some more MAX stuff down the road."

The other newly announced MAX book is Zombie, a September-debuting book by Mike Raicht and Kyle Hotz, unrelated to the Marvel Zombies book.

"It's about a bank robbery gone about as wrong as it can," Raicht said.

In other notes from the panel:

* The five-issue Union Jack series, by Christos Gage and Mike Perkins, starts in September. Editor Tom Brevoort called in a "nice anxillary project" that spins out of Captain America. He said it will include "some long-unseen villains."

* Incredible Hulk writer Greg Pak said "things are going to get deeper and darker" in "Anarchy," the second arc of The Planet Hulk event.

Aaron Lopresti is drawing the arc, with Carlo Pagulayan to return for the third and final arc.

Pak said to look for "shocking things" with the Mek character.

* Ultimate Fantastic Four, with the new team of Mike Carey and Pasqual Ferry, will introduce a new villain. Above is the cover and two inside pages from Ultimate Fantastic Four #33 and the cover to Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2, which features the return of the Mole Man.

* Pages of Nextwave #6 were shown, and Quesada called it "one of the most fun comics put out in years."

* Ryan Sook is providing flashback art for Ultimate Avengers Annual #2, which is a Captain America story by Charlie Huston and Mike Deodato.

* Salvador Larroca, who did designs for Ultimate X-Men, will actually draw the characters for the first time Ultimate X-Men Annual #2.

* Ultimate Cable makes his first appearance in Ultimate X-Men #75, by Robert Kirkman and Ben Oliver. "It's a very different Cable," said editor John Barber, who noted that he doesn't view Xavier on the side of angels.

* Barber on Ultimate Spider-Man #100: "Nothing but revelations in this issue."

* Quesada said Charlie Huston and David Finch are slated for 12 issues of Moon Knight, but he would definitely be open to more than that, particularly after early sales figures. A lot would depend, Quesada, said on Huston's novel writing schedule.

Quesada called it "a water cooler comic."

* Marvel displayed interior art by Javier Saltares and Mark Texeira for its new Ghost Rider series.

* Peter David steps into the world of 1602 with 1602: Fantastik Four, which features art by Pascal Alixe.

* Asked about Gravity, Quesada said, there are no plans for another mini-series, but the character will be appearing in Beyond!.

* Barber said there are plans for another Marvel Zombies series, and it's a matter of coordinating schedules with writer Robert Kirkman and artist Sean Phillips.

* Brevoort said he's tentatively targeting February for the second season of Young Avengers.

* She-Hulk writer Dan Slott said the book's next arc will deal with the fact that while the Hulk is off-planet, all his villains are still on Earth.

* Barber said Ultimates 2 #11 is at the printer.

* Marvel showed the cover and interiors to Annihilation #1, the final story in the cosmic event due in August.

* Thor? "You may see him sooner than later," Brevoort said. "Fantastic Four #538 would be a good place to look."

* Quesada said another project with Michael Avon Oeming is in the works and will be announced later this year.

* Brevoort on the future of Spider-Girl, which is ending its current volume with #100. "Hopefully, we'll have something to say about it real soon," he said, adding that Spider-Girl readers are the most vocal -- and more importantly, active -- fans that Marvel has.

* Quesada said there are no current plans for the Scarlet Witch.

* Brevoort said that Spider-Woman: Origin sold "very well," and Marvel is in talks to the Luna Bros. for another project.

* Ronin will play a role in New Avengers #26 and stories in the title after Civil War, Brevoort said.

* Marvel teased its upcoming Agents of Atlas mini-series, by Jeff Parker and Leonard Kirk, with the above images.

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