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PHILADELPHIA -- Erica Durance, who plays Lois Lane in Smallville, said she's signed on for 13 episodes for the next season on The CW.

"They may bring me back for more," Durance said at a panel at Wizard World Philadelphia. "They're never quite sure what they're going to do with Lois."

Accompanied by her husband, actor David Palffy, Durance said character development with Lois is very tricky, considering her eventual relationship with Clark Kent.

"DC Comics has really clamped down on Lois," she said. "You can't do a dream sequence (with her and Clark) or any of that sneaky stuff."

She said there's a danger of Lois and Clark getting too close on the series.

"You could wind up frustrating the audience," she said. "Or if it ends up they get together and once there's love, it's like, sayoonara, Smallville's over."

Durance said she feels the show could go through a sixth season and even a seventh.

In other highlights from the panel:

* Durance was asked about the inevitable comparisons with Kate Bosworth, who plays Lois Lane in Superman Returns.

"It seems like they're trying to start a catfight with me and Kate," Durance said. "That's not going to happen. People who see the movie might take an interest in watching Smallville."

Durance said she was looking forward to the movie.

* Asked what her favorite episodes were, Durance included the first two she was in; "Lucy," which featured Lois' sister; and "Spirit," the prom episode because Annette O'Toole's work.

* Durance credited the show's writers with shaping Lois. "The writers have done a great job creating the relationships," she said, noting that she enjoys being able to work with several different actors on the show.

* Durance's husband was her acting teaching for four years. Palffy said he plans on directing Durance in a project soon.

* Durance said she misses John Schneider, whose Jonathan Kent died in Season 5.

"I see it as a turning point in Clark's life," she said. "It helps propel the story forward."

Durance laughed about the first time she worked with Schneider. "I was very, very nervous because he was Bo Duke," she said, "and I grew up loving Bo Duke!"

* Durance said she was always a fan of Superman, introduced to the character by her brother.

* Asked what she would like to see for Lois in the next season, Durance said she would like to see Lois continue on her path to being an investigative reporter.

"And I hope I get to kick more people," she said, laughing. "That's a great stress reliever."

* Durance said she got an early taste of what star Tom Welling (Clark) and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex) were like. "There was a black chair and a leopard-print chair, and I knew right away that Michael's chair was the leopard print."

* Durance said she and Allison Mack (Chloe) are very hyper when they're together on set and she noted she has learned a lot from working with O'Toole.

* Durance said she was impressed with Welling when he directed an episode in Season 5. "He had such a great idea of what all the actors were feeling and what the show should like," she said.

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