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PHILADELPHIA -- To help launch his new Wildcats title, Jim Lee is turning to an old cohort.

"Todd McFarlane is doing the variant covers," Lee announced at the WildStorm panel at Wizard World Philadelphia on Sunday. "I'll be inking Todd on the cover, and I'm pretty excited about that."

Lee is teaming with Grant Morrison on the bi-monthly book.

"It picks up with the team in disarray; they're not even a team," Lee said. "It sets up their reunion

In other highlights from the panel:

* WetWorks, by Mike Carey and Whilce Portacio, launches in September. Lee said Portacio has already completed several issues.

* Following the previously announced debuts of Gen13 by Gail Simone and Talent Caldwell and The Authority by Morrison and Gene Ha, November sees StormWatch: PHD by Christos Gage and Doug Mahnke and December sees The Midnighter, by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story, and Deathblow by Brian Azzarello and Carlo D'Anda.

* A 12-issue Ninja Scroll mini-series by J. Torres and Michael Chang launches in October. Lee will provide a variant cover for the first issue.

* The League of Extraordinary Gentlmen: Black Dossier hardcover is scheduled for October.

* Lee said J. Scott Campell will still contribute covers.

* Lee said he doesn't foresee any WildStorm/DC crossovers. "It we ever do, it will be something where we get the best talent and a real kick-ass story," he said.

* With the rebooted WildStorm Universe back in full gear, Lee said he expects licenses for film, TV and video games.

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