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Written and art by Zeu.

War! Mankind is at the very brink of extinction as mindless Event Freaks, powerful humans infected by alien super particles, destroy everything in their wake.

And as the flames threaten to engulf the globe, hope is reborn anew in the tiny coastal village of Cape Ruseur, New England, where four childhood friends unite to turn the tide of destruction and fight for life and justice.

Infiniteens is a superhero saga about the end of the world. Infiniteens is a touching tale about human hearts and how the best in us can emerge in our darkest hour. For 8 chapters you´re invited to join Nadia, Luther, Julian and Beverly in a heroic struggle to save their tiny community from an apocalyptic threat.

32 pages, $3.50.


By Pierce Askegren, Mike Baron, Rachel Caine, Mark Dawidziak, Tom DeFalco, PN Elrod, John Everson, Joe Gentile, Christopher Golden, Elizabeth Massie, John Ostrander, Gary Phillips, James Reasoner, Robert J Randisi, Richard Dean Starr and Dave Ulanski, cover by Dou Klauba.

Sixteen new tales of the surreal, bizarre, and the macabre. After the Stoker Award nominated success of the Kolchak Chronicles (and its various printings), Moonstone presents a new collection of original creepy-thriller Kolchak prose short stories!

So listen in as Kolchak relays some of his most spine-tingling cases about voodoo, myths, ghost towns, time conundrums, Vikings, haunted amusement parks, pirates, big fish, and some startling revelations about Kolchakıs past!

Plus: the first ever original Kolchak novella, by Mark Dawidziak. "Cancellation" see, Kolchak has been hired to be the consultant on a new network TV show about someone very much like him...hmmm, sound like something you may have seen last year on TV...?

Plus, an intro/memoriam of Darren McGavin.

320 pages, $16.95.

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