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David Hines (Civil War: X-Men) Zeb Wells (Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways) were subject of a Marvel Comics telephone press conference on Thursday, discussing their upcoming mini-series.

Following are highlights.

* Wells said that both Young Avengers' Allan Heinberg and The Runaways' Brian K. Vaughan suggested him for the mini-series. "This obviously was something I wasn't going to turn down," he said.

* Regarding the characters, Wells said that "they are so well-defined, they write themselves." He also noted with a laugh, that, "It's probably good for me to piggyback Vaughn and Heinberg's fame."

* Hine praised the art of Yannick Paquette. "It's some of the best art I've seen on a book in awhile and it's the best work Yannick's done to date," Hine said, nothing that 198 cover artist Juan Doe is doing the covers.

* Hine said his story will include four of the original X-Men who remain alive: Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Archangel. "It's an honor to be working on characters on that kind of level," he said.

Asked if those four characters will remain together after Civil War, editor Mike Marts said, "We'll have to wait and see. There's a specific reason those four characters are togther."

* Hine said Civil War: X-Men will have a huge cast of characters, including many from The 198 and the new Sentinels.

"The conflict does revolve around their civil rights in a sense," he said.

* The events the Civil War mini-series take place in Young Avengers #12 and Runaways #18. Those issues both will have revelations and will an impact on the casts before the mini-series.

* Wells said that the Young Avengers and Runaways are distinctively different teams.

"The Young Avengers deserately want to be super-heores, and the Runaways don't want anything to do with the adult work," Well said. "They're thrown into story where the adult world is going completely insane and they had to deal with that and fit into all that."

* Hine said that Cable was originally planned to be in Civil War: X-Men.

"That's something I would have liked to have done, Cable going head-to-head with is how dad, Cyclops," Hine said. "But the Bishop/Cyclops conflict is going to be pretty brutal and have a lasting impact, I think."

* Hine said that when he started writing at Marvel he "had no idea" about the events in the Marvel Universe the last 10 years, and has been slowly incorporating himself into through District X, Colossus: Bloodline and X-Men: The 198.

"It's a helluva lot of research," Hine said.

* Wells said Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways is "the most intimidating thing I've ever written." He noted the styles of Young Avengers' Allan Heinberg and The Runaways' Brian K. Vaughan were a difficult act to follow.

Wells said that the Young Avengers will be joining Runaways as an underground team. "But they are dealing with the crisis in a different way," Wells said. "It's the juxtaposition of the two teams."

Well revealed that certain characters from both teams will be interacting more than others. "It's hard to write characters ineractions for 14 characters in the same room," he said.

* Hine said he thinks important for the Civil War mini-series to be able to stand on their own. "Personally, I think it's wrong for people to have to buy a whole mass of books to know what's going on," he said.

* Civil War editor Tom Brevoort said that both Civil War: X-Men and Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaway are "bottled" mini-series that won't cut in and out of the main Civil War book.

* Brevoort said the "second season" of Young Avengers, by Heinberg and Jim Cheung, is being targeted for February or March in order to allow the creators to create a bank of work for regular shipping. "Right now, it looks like we'll be going with a new No. 1, rather than No. 13," he said. "Because we like No. 1's better."

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