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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Marv Wolfman is the new writer of Nightwing with #125, DC Comics' Dan DiDio announced Friday at the DC Nation panel at Heroes Con.

DiDio broke the panel's biggest news during the "lightning round" of questions. It was later learned that Dan Jurgens will be drawing an arc.

In other notes from the panel:

* DiDio said that he was able to get Jonah Hex back from the Vertigo office by basically trading Deadman for the character.

* Writer Greg Rucka said that current events in the DCU were planned out nearly four years ago. "It does end somewhere and you guys are about halfway there," Rucka said.

* Asked about where the Elongated Man story is heading in 52, Rucka said, "Nobody's going to see it coming."

* DiDio said that trade paperback plans for 52 have not been finalized, but no collections will be released until after all 52 issues have been released. Due to the weekly pace, there will also be no second printings of any issues.

"I love periodicals, I love comics," DiDio said, adding that any trade paperbacks released prior to the end of 52 would "weaken the potential of the series."

* DiDio said there have been talks with writer Judd Winick about dealing with Jason Todd.

* DiDio revealed that in the initial One Year Later pitch to Paul Levitz, the uncovered events would have been revealed in annuals. It was Levitz who suggested a weekly comic.

* Breaking rank a bit, Rucka revealed that Grant Morrison is writing the Animal Man sequences in 52. He noted that Animal Man, Starfire and Adam Strange will be getting off the planet they are stranded on soon, and Animal Man's story has "one of the best endings" of 52.

* DiDio said that the delayed Seven Soldiers will wrap up in October with Seven Soldiers #1.

* Bart Allen being the Flash is part of the "generational" aspect of the character, DiDio said, noting that Wally West is "gone, but not forgotten."

* DiDio said he liked the Son of Vulcan mini-series -- "It had an interesting twist to it" -- and the character could be showing up again soon.

* DiDio said that he likes "the edge" to the recently resurrected Manhunter series and that the lawyer aspect of the character will be hit upon. Kate Spencer will be the only Manhunter under his watch, DiDio said.

Asked about Captain Carrot after the recent appearance in Teen Titans, DiDio said there are no plans, although both Captain Carrot and Plop! have been talked about for Showcase treatment.

* DiDio said the goal with the Batman Confidential and Superman Confidential books is to have stories that "make people feel they matter."

* DiDio said he enjoyed Superman Returns and that it was like the first X-Men movie in that the characters weren't messed up and their potential was opened.

"The scene in the stadium was worth the price of admission alone," DiDio said.

As far as the big twist in the film, DiDio said that Levitz was involved from DC's end and that DC did not veto it.

* DiDio hinted at a big event for Wonder Woman -- rumored to be called Attack of the Amazons -- that will increase her role in the DCU. "The goal for Wonder Woman is to make her as important as the other two (Batman and Superman) -- and we're on it," he said.

* DiDio said Jeff Smith's Shazam! project will probably launch in either November or December. "It will be worth wait," he said.

* DiDio said the Spectre-headlining Tales of the Unexpected will feature back-ups written by Brian Azzarello featuring obscure concepts as I, Vampire and Haunted Tank.

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