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MONDAY, JULY 3, 2006


CHARLOTTE, N.C. Daniel Way isn't being coy. When he talks about the second arc of Marvel Comics' Wolverine: Origins, he just can't say too much right now.

"The fifth issue of Origins (the finale of the 'Born in Blood' arc) has a major showstopper revelation," he explained last weekend at Heroes Con. "So the next five issues will be Wolverine's first attempt to deal with that."

Way did confirm -- as shown in the released cover to #6 -- that Omega Red is in the five-issue "Savior" story arc. He also said that Jubilee will be featured.

Since M Day, the de-powered Jubliee has been working as a social worker of sorts, helping ex-mutants who are fearful.

"She's an extremely important person in the Wolverine mythos," Way said "She's kid of like a daughter, but at the same time she's also a friend."

Also in future issues, Way said that Team X will be featured, looking at the likes of Sabretooth and Maverick during the Cold War, as he continues Wolverine's journey of discovery.

Wolverine: Origins has been a hot-seller, with second printings and a Director's Cut of the first issue.

"I'm really happy with the book, but the pressure's up there now," Way said. "Everything seems to be working out in terms of feeling comfortable with the book and not doing any second-guessing."

Part of that comfort is working with artist Steve Dillon, with whom Way previously collaborated on Punisher vs. Bullseye and the Nighthawk mini-series. Way said it's reached the point where, while he's writing pages, he can envision how Dillon will draw them.

"Steve can pull off the little things and the great big things," Way said.

Way, who is also writing Marvel's new Ghost Rider series, has done extensive research for Wolverine: Origins. He has plans for five years and 60 issues.

"There's so much, there are so may stories," Way said. "I hope to revisit and in some cases resolve many things about his past."

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