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Daniel Way and Axel Alonso, writer and editor of Wolverine: Origins, were the subject of Marvel Comics' latest press conference on Thursday.

The creators were somewhat guarded, with a big event in #5 yet to be revealed, but offered up some insight into the future of the title.

Following are highlights:

* Way said that the way Wolverine's history has been presented has been "a mixed bag."

"Somethings that are ture have been presented falsely," he said. "Some things that are outright lieds have been couched in truth to make them easier to swallow.

"We're paying attention to continuity. We are dissecting it, not necessarily deconstructing it."

* Way on the revelation in Wolverine: Origins #5: "It will have massive repercussions. It's something Wolverine will be dealing with for rest of series, and several other characters will have to deal with that as well."

Alonso added that it will "set the trajectory" for Wolverine: Origins for at least the next couple of arcs, if not longer.

* "Savior" is the second arc, and Way said that Logan's quest will be complicated by the Origins #5 revelation. "He might have to make a detour in order save some people that he cares about," he said.

The flashback part of the story will involve Team X -- Wolverine, Sabretooth, Maverick and a couple others -- and a mission in Berlin.

Alonso said the story will flush out a mission from the earliest run on X-Men by Jim Lee.

* Way talked about the use of flashbacks and how he has been ending issues with hard beats.

"It's just an extremely way of telling a story," he said. "It's comic books, so it'episodic and you have 30 days between stories. Yoy have to end strong to keep people's interest up.

"I like a story with a lot of tension and a lot suspense built in. This is such a high-stakes situation, all the moves are for all the marbels all the time. You don't have time for wasted space."

In terms of flashback, Way noted that Wolverine has almost an omniscent view. "Things are happening now that remind him of things that happened 60, 70 years ago," he said.

* Both Way and Alonso said that the Origin mini-series written by Paul Jenkins is "Chapter 1," but Way said he is more focused on the character of Wolverine and not James Howlett.

"This story has a lot of chapters," Alonso said. "Daniel isn't likely to tell Chapter 2, but he might tell Chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6 -- and he might not tell them sequentially."

* Way said he likes to refer to the character as Logan, and that's how he is mentioned in scripts. "That's what he named himself. That's how he sees himself," Way said. "He is Logan. It feels more natural to me."

* Way said that Sabretooth will show up in the flashback elements of the next story arc with Team X. "As we'll see, he played a pivotal role in forging this person that became Logan, Wolverine," Way said. "He's almost a constant presence in his life. I have plans for him and they're big. We'll tell that story when the time is right."

"He'll be a major player very soon," Alonso said. "He's a very important character in Logan's mythology."

* Asked about a de-powered Jubilee's upcoming role in Wolverine: Origins, Way said, "She's going into a situation where she needs Logan more than ever. Logan is going to have a make decision whether he can be there for her or not."

"Being around Logan is not a safe place to be," Alonso added.

* Asked about Kitty Pryde, Way said her situation is different. He noted that Logan has had a lot of women in his life and he will address those situations.

* Way said he spent nearly a year researching for Wolverine: Origins, including the Marvel handbooks, back issues and online digging. He then flew to New York to make his pitch in person; he didn't want to do it over the phone.

"Not only did it go over, but we got our own book," Way said. "That was like the cherry on top. We basically got everything we wanted. I have very little to complain about."

Alonso said that Way was able to make sense of Logan's convoluted backstory and found a way to make everything count.

"A lot of people geek out about Madripoor," Alonso said. "I don't. But guess what? Madripoor counts."

* Alonso said that artist Steve Dillion is on the book "long term." He noted that Dillon always delivers, although he does worry traffic manager David Bogart at times.

"Steve Dillon always waits until the very last minute because he draws in a pub," Alonso said. "Mark my words, we will always ship on time and it will always be Steve Dillon."

* Alonso reiterated that Wolverine: Origins is an ongoing. Way added, "There's not shortage of stories to tell. We have 30 years of backstory to comb through."

* Will there be more Captain America in Wolverine: Origins after the initial arc? "I haven't notched out any space for him in short term, but it was a character I enjoyed bring in," Way aid. "He seems to have his plate full at the moment."

* Way said that Nuke is "a bad-ass character" that had a "fantastic introduction" that no one followed up on.

Alonso hinted that readers haven't seen the last of Nuke. "He'll back," Alonso said. "I'm not going to say where he'll appear or when but he'll be back."

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