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SAN DIEGO -- Lara Croft is returning to comics. Top Cow's Matt Hawkins told The Continuum at Comic-Con International on Wednesday that new Tomb Raider comics are targeted for next summer.

"I don't know the team. I don't know the writer and I don't the artist," Hawkins said. "But there will be Tomb Raider next year."

In other Top Cow news:

* The Top Cow booth is showing a high-octane trailer for The Darkness videogame, as well as Japan's Witchblade animated series. Hawkins was especially excited about The Darkness -- "It's pretty intense," he said.

* There's also a trailer for the Aphrodite IX animated project from Korea. The trailer was done by Mad Monkey, but the actual project is now at Morph Studio. There will also be a videogame.

* Hawkins said a domestic deal for the Witchblade animated series hasn't been signed yet, but it will likely end up at a cable station. Funimation acquired the DVD rights.

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