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SAN DIEGO -- Tony Montana is alive -- and kicking ass -- in Scarface: Scarred for Life, a new comic book based on the 1983 Universal film starring Al Pacino.

IDW Publishing on Saturday at its second Comic-Con International panel announced John Layman and Dave Crosland as the creative team on the five-issue mini-series, which launches in December.

The series makes the assumption that when Tony's eyes were open at the end of the film's credits, it was an indication that he lived through the shooting.

IDW editor-in-chief Chris Ryall said little time will be spent with how he survived such a brutal attack -- it's basically a given.

"By the time he's out of the hospital, Miami's completely changed," Layman said. "And now he has to kill his way back to the top."

Ryall noted that there won't be strict photo likenesses of Pacino employed in Crosland's art.

Layman, who has teamed with Crosland before on Puffed, said he was elated to be working with him again. "We're absolutely sympatico," he said.

In other highlights from the panel:

* Angel: Masks is a 48-page anthology book scheduled for October.

Stories will include: Angel Puppet, out on a "Mystery Date," by Jeff Mariotte and Stephen Mooney; Illyria in "Unacceptable Losses," by Scott Tipton and David Messina; Cordelia in Foreshadowing by Christopher Golden and Steph Stamb; and Lenny in "Pencils and Paperclips," by James Patrick and Sean Murphy. Jeremy Geddes and Zach Howard provide covers.

* Angel and Spike team up in Angel: Auld Lang Syne, a five-issue mini-series written by Scott Tipton. "I wanted to do a team-up where I would hold off the team-up for as long as possible," Tipton said. "There's a lot of good old-fashioned demon bashing."

* Writer Brian Lynch described the Spike: Asylum mini-series as "Spike meets Scientology." Lynch noted that the mini-series is "jam-packed full of Easter eggs."

* Similarly to what Fantagraphics did with The Peanuts, IDW is releasing The Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, a multi-year deluxe hardcover collection of the comic strip. p> The first volume, due in October, will include the five sample strips that Gould used to sell Dick Tracy, as well as nearly 500 comic strips, encompassing the series' beginning, from October 1931-May 1933.

The first volume features an overview and introduction from consulting editor and longtime Tracy writer Max Allan Collins, as well as an interview between Collins and Gould. Each volume will feature book design from Ashley Wood.

* Phil Hale will be feature in a 48-page Sparrow book in November.

* Zombies vs. Robots is a two-issue mini-series by Chris Ryall and Wood that starts in October. A team of robots must protect the last remaining human from zombie hordes. "We don't aspire to anything more than zombies vs. robots, so we put it in the title," Ryall said.

* Dan Wickline is teaming with Alex Sanchez on 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease.

* After three one-shots, 24 gets the mini-series treatment in 24: Nightfall, a six-issue story by J.C. Vaughan, Mark Haynes and Jean Diaz that begins in November.

Haynes said the story is the proposal that convinced IDW to publish 24 in the first place. "You see a lot of history and the beginnings of Jack Bauer," he said, adding the longer length will allow for more details in the story than the one-shots.

* Look for more IDW news on Monday here in The Continuum.

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