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SUNDAY, JULY 23, 2006


SAN DIEGO -- Image Comics announced a bevy of new projects for the final quarter of 2006 at its panel at Comic-Con International on Saturday.

Following is a rundown:


Written by C.B. Cebulski, art and cover by Sana Takeda, variant cover by David Finch. Her clan destroyed, her family murdered, by vampires, Chinatsu, a once-proud female ninja, had nothing left to live for... save revenge. In this centuries-spanning tale of bloodlust and betrayal, Chinatsu, now a vampire herself, tracks the dark lord that turned her all those long years ago. Immortality has only made her need for vengeance stronger as she follows him across the globe, through myriad time periods, battling the undead minions that rise up to stop her.


Written by Rick Spears, art and cover by Vasilis Lolos, variant cover by Becky Cloonan.

Eight-issue mini-series. Rick Spears, writer of the indie hit Teenagers From Mars, and artist Vasilis Lolos rock this riotous, teenage, romp through young love, car jacking and gang violence. In this first issue Patch arrives in Coney Island only to get his eye sliced out by Trish, the wicked bad leader of the girl gang The Cherries. Across town, Sal, a pizza-selling bookie, meets a nasty end delivered by a monstrous shadow with a shotgun.


Written by Joe Casey, art and cover by Tom Scioli, variants cover by Keith Giffen and Erik Larsen.

Book Thirteen: Jailed in Reality Z. The cosmic superhero epic of our time returns for Year Two. Commander Adam Archer and the mysterious Never are flung headlong into the psychedelic landscape of a surreal new reality. What they find there will shock and surprise new and old readers alike.


Written by Todd Livingston and Robert Tinnell, art by Neil Vokes and others.

A 184-page book. Cotton Coleridge, had traded in his six-guns for stakes when he fought a frontier town full of vampires. This time around the lightning rod for the supernatural" faces zombies, ghosts, resurrectionists, giant flies, carnivorous slugs, demons and lots o' pure evil! Anchored by the Vokes-drawn novella, Abomintation, the book features stories from the likes of Mike Baron, J.K. Snyder III, Mike Oeming, David Michael Beck, Mark Ricketts, Mike Hawthorne and Tommy Castillo.


Written by William Harms, art and cover by Nick Postic and Nick Marinkovich.

Four-issue mini-series. One of the worst blizzards in history cripples New York City in one fell swoop. But the blinding cold and snow are the least of the city's worries. For aboard a drifting cargo ship stirs an unfathomable evil that will unleash a horror the likes of which the world has never seen. And in two nights, New York City will be no more...


Written by C.B. Cebulski, art by João Lemos.

Shiki is a story of personal growth and adventure firmly rooted in a fantasy realm. In a nutshell, Shiki's about a teenage girl named Saya who while on a pilgrimage upsets the Gods of the Four Seasons. Not the most forgiving or tolerant of deities, the Four decide that in punishment for her intrusion, Saya's valley will be forced to live without the changing seasons, a veritable death sentence for their way of life. Saya must then travel to the Lands of the Four Seasons and apologize to the Gods of Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring directly in order for her home and her people to survive.


Written by Steve Niles, illustrated by Nat Jones.

Deep in the mountains of the American South East there are families who have lived, isolated from all of humanity, since the day their ships hit the mainland. They live as a family, as one and outsiders are strictly trespassers. For a family from the suburbs of Virginia a quest to build the ultimate vacation home turns into a nightmare of murder and cannibalism.


Written by Steve Niles, illustrated by Nat Jones.

Based on the upcoming feature film directed by David Arquette and starring Thomas Jane, Jason Mewes and Paul Reubens. The Tripper follows a group of hippies head to a weekend-long concert for some fun, only to be stalked by a deranged killer with an unnatural obsession with Ronald Reagan.


Written by David B. Schwartz, art by Sean Wang, covers by Chris Bachalo and Greg Horn.

A hero on the verge of burning out. Literally. As the costumed crimefighter The Flare, Cal has never had an easy life. And now he's on the verge of an even harder death. Consumed by the very same fire powers that make him super-human, he finds his fractured life slipping away as he succumbs to the hell of a physical and mental meltdown.

During his final days, Cal must struggle with his volatile life and the questionable decisions he's made along the way, hoping to correct his many failures and find a final redemption before time runs out.


Written, art and cover by Jimmie Robinson.

Bomb Queen falls for a mysterious man who finally satisfies her sex-crazed lust. But Bomb Queen must get her head out the clouds and her legs back together, because naturally, all is not what it seems.


Written by Mile Gunter, art and cover by Victor Santos.

144 pages. A dutiful Samurai, a madcap Ninja and a bizarro Zen Monk team up to battle the undead in Feudal Japan. Can these unlikely allies stay friends long enough to stop the zombees from taking over their homeland?


Written and cover by Jeff Amano, art by Andy MacDonald.

128 pages. Agent Tolik Kalinichenko convinces Elena -- a Russian Mafia leader's daughter to seduce an old flame that may be connected to a secret combat system called, "Bespredel" (Russian for "without limits"). Elena risks her life for her country, Mother Russia, the world, but most of all, for Tolik. In a race against the clock, Tolik must destroy Bespredel¹s Red Warriors in time to save Elena who has been discovered as an informant. But when war has no limits, where can love hide?


By Joe Casey and Chris Burnham.

Black and white original graphic novel. Nixon Cooper works for the California Board of Parole Hearings. He's a parole officer. For super-villains. His job consists of daily interactions with dangerously super-powered ex-cons like the Bricklayer, Sputter Kane, Maxfield Reactor, the Fever, Dr. Hugo Blivion and Dynomoxie, to name but a few. Some of them are actively trying to reform. Some of them aren't. Not to mention the fact that his wife is sleeping with one of them, an awkward discovery that leads Nixon on a twisted journey of self-examination and bone- crunching underworld action. A darkly comedic crime story about how one man copes with the scum of the Earth. And his parolees at large.

CHARLATAN'S BALL By Joe Casey and Andy Suriano.

Monthly ongoing series. What curls your toes more than an otherworldly trip to Chaotica? Maybe a visit to Emberland, the ultimate hot zone? Could a pit stop at the ominous Thunder Bay top them all? Failed stage magician, Chuck Amok, is about to find out. When he's snatched out of his own sad existence to represent humanity in a cross-dimensional, magical death match, Chuck -- along with his faithful pet rabbit, Caesar -- is ill-equipped to deal with his new "opponents": insanely powerful beings like Cumberdunst, Donnarama, and Demon Empty. Throw in mind- blowing concepts like the mystery of Elementality, the Gang of Four Gods, and the secret art of Calculingus and you'll find there's a lot to absorb. Each issue will be a surreal day trip through countless worlds turned inside-out, rave ups beyond the measure of time, altered states of being, and furious smackdowns that will shake the foundations of reality.

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