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MONDAY, JULY 24, 2006


SAN DIEGO -- Marvel Comics on Sunday announced Wisdom, a new MAX series featuring Pete Wisdom, the character from Excalibur.

The series will be written by Paul Cornell, with art by Trevor Hairsine.

Cornell is a British writer whose credits include episodes of the Doctor Who television series and comics stories for Judge Dredd Magazine.

Wisdom promises to be one of several new MAX books launched Marvel in the upcoming months.

In other highlights from the panel:

* Jeph Loeb, who stood in for Joe Quesada as host for the panel, said that the time order of series will be Ultimates 3, Ultimate Power and Ultimates 4.

* Onslaught Reborn, by Loeb and Rob Liefeld, kicks off in Noember. Loeb said the story spins out of House of M as Wanda's "No More Mutants" declaration causes the rebirth of Onslaught, who now is out to kill Franklin Richards.

* Gwen Stacy returns in Ultimate Spider-Man #98.

* Bullet Points, the mini-series by J. Michael Straczynski and Tommy Lee Edwards, will launch in November. It will show how the Marvel Universe would change if the scientist who gave Steve Rogers the Super Solider serum had been shot 24 hours earlier.

Among the ripple effects: Steve Rogers as Iron Man, Reed Richards working for S.H.I.E.L.D. Peter Parker becoming the Hulk

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* Blade writer Marc Guggenheim said he is writing self-contained stories and wants to please both horror and super-hero fans.

* Alan Davis' Fantastic Four: The End is scheduled for November.

* Incredible Huk #100 might include some insight about the Hulk's return to Earth, writer Greg Pak said.

* Loeb said Wolverine #50, his first issue with Simone Bianchi, will include a 12-page, Wolverine vs. Hulk back-up with art by Ed McGuinness.

* Grant Morrison's New X-Men run will be collected in The New X-Men Omnibus in December.

* Daniel Way said that he hopes to explain why Johnny Blaze is Ghost Rider again by #5.

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