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Gen 13 news -- and much more!!!


The Continuum today begins a series of feature stories on the voice cast of Legion of Super Heroes, the Kids' WB! animated series set to premiere on Saturday, Sept. 23.

Featured today is Kari Wahlgren, who provides the voice of Saturn Girl, one of seven series regulars, as well as Triplicate Girl.

To read the story, CLICK HERE, and look for much more on Legion of Super Heroes soon here in The Continuum.

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For covers and three- to five-page previews of DC Comics titles arriving in stores in October, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Gen13 #1, The Omega Men #1 and Tales of the Unexpected #1.

Look for more DC First Looks on Wednesday here in The Continuum.

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For covers and six-page previews of Marvel Comics titles arriving in stores on August 30, CLICK HERE

Titles include Mythos: Hulk, X-Factor #10, Ultimate Fantastic Four #33 and X-Men: Fairy Tales #4.

Look for more Marvel First Looks on Wednesday here in The Continuum.

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Aspen Comics has scheduled Aug. 16 for the launch of its latest mini-series, Soulfire: Chaos Reign.

"The story get backs to the primal days of magic, sort of a King Kong meets Soulfire book," Aspen's Michael Turner said.

The mini-series is written by J.T. Krull, with pencils by Marcus To, inks by Jason Gorder and Don Ho and colors by David Moran.

Here's how Aspen describes the first issue:

"In a time long past, when the world was still young and primitive, magic thrived in this untamed land. And just how it had always been, man and creature held true to the same common desire, survival! But, a deadly new threat has emerged from the shadows, looking to claim the planet's raw magical power, and they won't let anyone or anything, stand in their way!"

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Top Cow Productions on Tuesday released an expanded preview of Darkness/Wolverine, due in stores on August. 23.

The 32-page one-shot is written by Frank Tieri, with art by Tyler Kirkham, who previously drew a Darkness/Superman crossover. The book is colored by Stjepan Sejic.

Here's how Top Cow describes the book:

"Jackie Estacado, the Darkness bearer, Wolverine have never met, but the same cannot be said for the Darkness power and Wolverine. The sins of Jackie's grandfather haven't been forgotten, and Jackie's left to pay the price."

The book is part of the recent Top Cow/Marvel deal, which includes Kirkham working on Marvel's new Phoenix mini-series.

According to Top Cow's Matt Hawkins, the deal is going so well that there are already talks of extended it past its original three-year length.

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4Kids Entertainment Home Video and FUNimation Entertainment have announced Sept. 12 releases for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 4 and Sonic X: Season 5 on DVD.

The Turtles collection will include 14 episodes and will cost $16.96. Here's how the set is described:

"The non-stop action begins with the rebirth of The New Shredder as Karai takes over where her father left off. Bishop's genetic experiments cause an outbreak of monsters and turn one of the turtles into a horrible beast! The action continues when Savanti Romero returns and lures the turtles into a battle in the Jurassic period. Watch as the turtles take on their fiercest enemies ever!"

Bonus features include five never-seen-before shorts and animatic clips from key episodes.

The Sonic X collection will include 13 episodes and cost $16.96. Here's how the set is described:

"Season 5 kicks into high gear as the fastest hedgehog on the planet returns home, but not before all of the Chaos Emeralds are released into space. A mysterious and ruthless Metarex lands on Earth, destroying everything in its path in search of all the Planet Eggs, the heart of every planet that sustains life. Joining Sonic and his friends is Cosmo, an alien who meets them when her spaceship crashes right before their very eyes!"

Bonus features will include a storyboard slide show with panels from all 13 episodes.


SLG Publishing has announced an October release for Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mystery, a 136-page black-and-white trade paperback collecting web comics of Dave Roman's creation.

Here's how SLG described the book's concept:

"For Agnes Quill, talking to the dead is the easiest part of her life. As the heir to her great-grandfather's detective business, the 16-year-old Agnes must solve mysteries in the haunted, cobble-stoned and foggy city Legerdemain. It's a lot of responsibility for a teenaged girl, but Agnes is devoted to continuing her family's legacy. As she solves the strange cases her clients bring to her, Legerdemain's dearly departed citizens help, hinder, or just plain annoy her. Working with, against or in spite of these ghosts, Agnes frees trapped spirits, cursed souls and possessed relatives, finds disappearing pets, and confronts decapitated scientists, ambitious zombies, and other supernatural menaces."

Artists include Jason Ho, Jen Wang, Jeff Zornow and Raina Telgemeier.

"All of the artists who worked on the book brought their own sensibilities to the character and setting," Roman said. "Jason's art style is very dark and elegant, Raina's art is really animated and fluid, Jeff's is dynamic and insanely detailed, Jen's is full of raw emotion, while my own is probably more quirky and cute. They all compliment the character and help to make Agnes Quill feel like she exists beyond any one person's interpretation."

The book will cost $10.95. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

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* IDW Publishing has provided The Continuum a first look at Franco Urru's cover to Spike: Asylum #3, due in stores in November. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

* Production on Sci Fi's Painkiller Jane series is targeted to begin in October, The Continuum has learned. Look for more news on the show soon.

* According to Wizard, last weekend's Wizard World Chicago drew more than 58,000 attendees, making it the largest Wizard World event to date.

* The Thursday, August 17 episode of Smallville on The WB will be a repeat of "Void."

* Komikwerks announced that the Comic-Con exclusive edition of Jason Kruse's World of Quest sold out at the recent event in San Diego. The full-color version is still available.

* Adult Swim's newest original series, Metalocalypse, premiered Sunday to the network's best premiere delivery and ratings to date in 2006, according to preliminary data from Nielsen Media Research.

* Below are three images from the Tim Allen film Zoom, based on Jason Lethcoe's book Zoom's Academy. The film, from Columbia Pictures, will be in theaters on Friday. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.


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