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Saturn Girl, on display at the DC Comics booth at Wizard World Chicago.

SAN DIEGO -- Kari Wahlgren's career has taken a turn to Saturn.

After building an impressive resume since graduating from Kansas University in 1999, Wahlgren now is voicing Saturn Girl in Kids' WB!'s Legion of Super Heroes animated series.

"I'm so excited," she told The Continuum during a brief interview at Comic-Con International recently. "I'm such a big fan of the super-hero cartoons and grew up watching Batman: The Animated Series, and to be a part of one of these and see the artwork and everything, it's amazing."

Saturn Girl is one seven regular Legion members on the series along with Superman, Lightning Lad, Timber Wolf, Brainiac-5, Bouncing Boy and Phantom Girl.

"Obviously," Wahlgren said with a laugh, "she's the mature one. After all, she's the girl.

"She's definitely much more of a calm, mature character. They wanted her to be one of the older ones on the team. She's very nurturing and focused and very much a leader in the group."

There might be a slight romantic spark with Lightning Lad in the series, but the ultra-disciplined Saturn Girl, always cautious about letting her guard down, will probably be too serious to notice.

"Sometimes she could stand to have a little bit more of a sense of humor," Wahlgren said. "But she always comes from a good place."

Saturn Girl might be physically one of the most vulnerable Legionnaires, but she is also one of the most powerful. Wahlgren described Saturn Girl's powers on the show as "a lot of psychic abilities."

"She can project different psychic images to distract enemies in battle," Wahlgren said.

Wahlgren whose credits include Super Robot Monkey Force Hyper Team Go and a number of anime projects -- is also providing the voice of Triplicate Girl for the series.

Does that mean she's doing four voices total?

"Actually, that's a good question," she said. "At first they wanted to do it very different with Triplicate Girl, so it really was like four different voices, but now they've kind of gone in a different direction."

Not every character will be in every episode, but Saturn Girl will be a fixture on the show. "I think I'm in about 11 of the first 13," Wahlgren said.

Legion of Super Heroes debuts on Sept. 23 on Kids' WB!. Look for more features on the voice cast soon here in The Continuum.

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