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Image Comics has provided The Continuum with its solicitations for November.

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Marvel Comics has provided The Continuum with its solicitations for November.

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Sci Fi Channel is declaring Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, Stan Lee's reality series, a hit.

According to Sci Fi, the series has shown week-to-week growth and has provided significant ratings gains for the network.

Season-to-date, Who Wants to Be a Superhero? is up 29 percent in Household ratings, 48 percent in Persons 18-49s and 44 percents in Persons 25-54s.

The fourth episode last Thursday delivered a 1.32 HH rating (plus-10 percent vs. previous week and plus-48 percent vs. its July 27 series premiere), 1.031 million viewers 18-49 (plus-27 percent vs. previous week), 899,000 viewers 25-54 (plus-28 percent vs. last week) and 1.815 million total viewers.

Since its premiere on Sci Fi, Who Wants to Be a Superhero? has grown at least 10 percent week-to-week in the 18-49 and 25-54 key demos. The fourth episode grew 62 percent from the premiere among viewers 18-49 and 61 percent among viewers 25-54.

In the new episode this Thursday, the three remaining superheroes -- Fat Momma, Feedback and Major Victory -- are judged by Lee's toughest critics: children. Then Lee tests their intellect and ingenuity in a time-based challenge following clues to locate their archenemy, the Dark Enforcer, at Universal Studio's City Walk.


The Detroit News' Comic Blog includes a new feature from The Comics Continuum.

To read The Continuum's feature on the new Gen13 series by Gail Simone and Talent Caldwell, CLICK HERE.

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For covers and five- to six-page previews of Marvel Comics titles arriving in stores on Sept. 13, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Claws #2 and Thunderbolts #106.

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Marvel Comics on Tuesday announced new printings for six Civil War titles and a collection of Civil War Amazing Spider-Man titles.

The first two issues of the core series Civil War will be receiving a second printing and a third printing respectively, with Civil War Captain America Unleashed Variant #1 having a new Captain America cover using a scene from the interior of Civil War #1 and Civil War #2 3rd Printing McNiven Sketch Variant featuring a sketch cover by Steve McNiven. They will be in stores on Sept. 13.

Issues #2 and #3 of Civil War: Front Line will also be receiving second printing variants, with new covers using interior art by Ramon Bachs. They will be in stores on Sept. 13 and Oct. 4, respectively.

Civil War tie-ins New Avengers #21 and Thunderbolts #104 will also be going back to press with all new covers by Howard Chaykin and Tom Grummett. Both will reach stores on Oct. 4.

Civil War: Amazing Spider-Man -- Decisions, in stores on Sept. 21, collects Amazing Spider-Man #529-532, Spider-Man's Road To Civil with a new sketch cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto. The 96-page book will cost $5.99.

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*To the right is a first look at the back package art from Warner Home Video's Batman Beyond: Season 2 DVD collection.

The four-disc set is scheduled for release on Tuesday, Oct. 24.

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