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Ultimate X-Men writer Robert Kirkman was the focus of a Marvel telephone press conference on Thursday, promising many changes in the title.

The conference was targeted to Ultimate X-Men #75, which introduces the Ultimate version of Cable.

"Which I think is going to be pretty cool," Kirkman said. "It will lead to a lot of big shakeups in the lineup and at least one death."

Like the Marvel Universe version of the character, Kirkman said he feels Cable will be a catalyst for change in the Ultimate Universe.

"He's a very important character, who wipes the slate clean and opens a lot of doors for new things," Kirkman said.

Although Cable's powers will be very different from the Marvel Universe version, Kirkman said he liked the paramilitary look of Cable and will retain all the weapons hanging off of him.

"I made it a goal to make sure he uses every piece," Kirkman said, noting there will be some crazy fighting in Ultimate X-Men #75-76.

Kirkman is also introducing Ultimate Bishop. Both characters will be from the future, and Cable will be more of a man of mystery like he once was in the Marvel Universe.

"I want to play it close to the vest with the future stuff," Kirkman said. "I don't want to immediately have the X-men running around in future and fighting robots and all that sci-fi stuff.

"It's a future that will be discussed and talk about. We're not going to see the future -- at least initially."

In other highlights from the call:

* Kirkman said Professor Xavier was his favorite X-Men character to write. "I think he's a great character," he said. "Sometimes I think he gets pushed to the sideline as a character because people focus on Wolvrine and all the action."

He said he also enjoy writing Jean Grey and there will be lots of "twists and turns" with her character.

* Asked if he had any stories from the 1990s X-Men books that he'd like to adapt the for the Ultimate Universe, Kirkman said he and editor Ralph Macchio had talked about the Age of Apocalypse, although nothing is currently planned.

* Kirkman set he did "something drastic" with Nightcrawler in the Ultimate X-Men Annual because he wants to set the tone that "nothing's safe."

* Ultimate Domino will be part of the story.

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