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Michael Cornacchia, during a convention appearance earlier this summer.

SAN DIEGO -- The Continuum continues its series of features on the cast of Kids' WB!'s Legion of Super Heroes today with Michael Cornacchia, who provides the voice of Bouncing Boy.

The interview took place during a signing at Comic-Con International in July.

The Continuum: What's your take on Bouncing Boy?

Cornacchia: Well, at first, when I found out about the character I was very excited because, I was like, "Oh, he'll be the comedic relief." And he is, at the very beginning, you know, "The Bouncing Boy, I eat a lot of food and I bounce."

But they did a really good switch towards the middle part of the series where I actually get even more responsibility. I won't get into the details on that, but that was awesome, too. It's just to show that just because I bounce and I might not have the best powers in the world, but I have other abilities that get the job done at the same time.

And he's hysterical. I was excited. I was like, "I'm a ball! I get to bounce!"

The Continuum: Have you done something like this before?

Cornacchia: I've done voiceover work for video games, Driver 4. And I'm doing the voice of Nice Guy Eddie on Reservoir Dogs, the video game that's coming out. And I did a couple of Happy Feet.

But nothing really like this. It's fun because they let us all work together and read off of each other. So that's a blast.

The Continuum: Is there a certain noise you make when you bounce?

Cornacchia: That's all them. Sometimes I'll be like "Uhhh! Uhh!" here and there. I have a really cool sneeze in one of them.

The Continuum: What do you think of the look of the show?

Coracchia: I think it's great. When we first when in, they showed us the character drawings. Of course, those changed as the series went on.

I think it will be a great series. It will be good for children and it will be good for fans, too. These guys really seem to know the lore very well. I had no idea who they were until I got it. I looked it up online and and I went, "Whoa, there's this huge Legion."

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