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The Continuum continues its series of features on the cast of Kids' WB!'s Legion of Super Heroes today with Andy Milder, who provides the voice of Lightning Lad.

The Continuum caught up with Milder, who also stars in Showtime's Weeds, over the weekend for the following question-and-answer.

The Continuum: What's your take Lightning Lad? What do you like about him?

Milder: Garth has gone through many changes in his comic-book life, and Rob (Hoegee) and James (Tucker), our creators/head writers, took what I believe to be the best possible angle: He's a guy with some teenaged angst, he has family issues -- read: Lightning Lord -- and he really wants to make good. A very well-intentioned guy who gets a little hot under the collar on occasion, he's a natural leader whose only downfalls are his temper and his forgetting to look-before-you-leap on occasion. So, what do I like about him? He's finding his way. He's smart -- maybe not always too smart -- he's hot-headed and he' a real person. Itıs the real person under the costume that draws me in.

The Continuum: It's been established you're among the many Legion fans. So, how does the show pass the mustard?

Milder: Dang right I'm a Legion fan. As a kid, my only pet was named Streaky. So, yes...the show really does pass the mustard. Having said that, I should clarify: If you're a hardcore fan looking for a very cutting edge adult show, as I hear some are, why are you on the Kids' WB!? The show stays true to the original books and honors them properly. Rob, as it turns out, is a big-time Legion fan. You'll see a lot of the stuff you remember from your youth and some new stuff as well.

The Continuum: Do you have a favorite episode?

Milder: Boy, that's tough. I think the last two are really, really good.

The Continuum: What are the voice recording sessions like?

Milder: The sessions couldn't be more fun. Kelly Ward directs. He's great. An actor himself, he "gets it." Rob Hoegee and James Tucker are there to add creatively and supervise, and my fellow actors are fantastic. We've become a pretty close group and I'm proud to say, it's one very talented room -- except for yours truly, of course.

The Continuum: If there are more than 13 episodes, will you be back?

Milder: I have no idea what lies ahead in the Legion's future. I would hope that should there be more episodes Mr. Ranzz would return, but who knows?

The Continuum: How's Weeds going?

Milder: Weeds is great, thanks. Mary Louise Parker is, simply, one of the best actors on television, but I shouldn't short Justin Kirk or Kevin Nealon, who is, in my opinion, turning out his best work yet, or even Elizabeth Perkins, who is a dream to watch and a joy to work with.

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