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ARLINGTON, Texas -- Appearing at DC Comics' Wizard World Texas panel on Saturday as a solo act, vice president-sales Bob Wayne said that 52 will be offered in collected editions.

"We'll be announcing soon what we're going to be doing on the book front," Wayne said. "There will be collected editions."

Wayne reiterated that no issues of the series will be reprinted or collected until the entire 52-issue run has been published.

"52 is really written to be enjoyed on a weekly basis, so stick with us in that regard," he said.

Following are other highlights from the presentation, which included 36 images, and question-and-answer session that followed.

* Adam Hughes is providing a variant cover ot Justice League of America #6.

* Action Comics #847 in February will be available in two versions. One will include a 3-D section and include glasses; the other will be a regular version. Wayne said the story sends Superman to "a truly strange place."

* Wayne said that the Absolute Batman: The Long Halloween, due in April, will include fully realized art that was previously only available in sketch form.

* Pat Lee is drawing a three-part Superman/Batman arc that begins in March with #34. The story involves the Metal Men.

* The Brave and The Bold, by Mark Waid and George Perez, will launch in February.

* Green Lantern #17 in February will conclude the "Wanted: Hal Jordan!" story arc, introducing a new enemy and the birth of a new Star Sapphire.

* Firestorm #33, by the new creative team of Dwayne McDuffie, Dan Jurgens and Ken Lashley, will guest-star Seven Soldiers' Mister Miracle and will feature a battle with Orion.

* Wonder Woman #5 in February will wrap up the "Who is Wonder Woman?" story.

* Steve Gerber will be writing the ongoing Dr. Fate series.

* Jeff Smith's Shazam!: The Monsters of Evil four-issue mini-series will launch in February. Wayne said it takes the character back to its classic roots. "It looks really great," he said.

* God Save the Queen is an original graphic novel by Mike Carey and John Bolton, scheduled for April. It tells the story of tells the story of a rebellious teenager who falls in with a group of slacker faeries. "Nothing more needs to be said than it has slacker faeries," Wayne said.

* Wayne said that All Star Batgirl, by Geoff Johns and J.G. Jones, and All Star Wonder Woman by Adam Hughes have not been scheduled yet. "Not until the middle of next year at the earliest," he said.

* The Superman Returns prequel books will be collected in the spring.

* Ex Machina: Inside the Machine is a 32-page book that provides an inside look at the series, with never-before-seen materials. It's scheduled for February.

* Asked if there will be a comic book based on the Legion of Super Heroes animated series, Wayne said "We have not announced doing a comic book, so when you hear about that, act really surprised."

* Wayne said that the second Absolute Sandman volume is planned for a year after the first volume. The releases for the third and fourth volumes have not been firmed up. He said that the first volume "is doing a little better than we expected."

* The future for Kyle Rayner? "We're finishing up the Ion 12-issue series" Wayne said.

* Asked about Alex Ross after Justice concludes, Wayne noted that Ross is working on Justice Society of America covers and added, "He has a little something he's talking to Geoff Johns about."

* Wayne said he is very pleased with DC's Showcase editions and that have been outselling Marvel's new Essentials releases. "We're increasing them from one a month to two," he said. "Fans seem to have embraced the format."

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