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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Michael Avon Oeming said he is confident that Them, the in-development television series based on his graphic novel Six, is in the right hands.

"I'm convinced if it goes to pilot, it will make it as a series," Oeming said at his panel at Mid-Ohio-Con late Saturday afternoon.

The pilot for Them is being written by David Eick, an executive producer of Battlestar Galactica, and John McNamara. Jonathan Mostow from Terminator 3 is attached to executive produce and direct the pilot.

Oeming said he read the treatment for the project.

"It was great, it just blew me away," he said. "They took the basically elements of Six and made it 10 times better."

In other notes from the panel:

* Oeming said the film rights to Powers are reverting back to him and Brian Michael Bendis.

* Oeming fielded several questions about Omega Flight, the Alpha Flight spin-off that follows Civil War. "We're changing the name and we're changing the line-up, while still respecting the roots of the book," he said.

* Asked about Omega Flight's lineup, Oeming said it will include U.S. Agent, Arachne, "somebody in the Guardian outfit," someone who was part of the original Alpha Flight and another former member.

* Oeming said the first two issues will focus on the previous Alpha Flight members and the reaction to what happened to the previous team in New Avengers. "It's not about who's fighting who, that's the icing," Oeming said. "It's about how the characters act and interact with each other."

* Oeming said that the origin of Beta Ray Bill is tied to the origin of Alpha Flight. He also promised a powerful version of the character.

* Oeming said classic Alpha Flight villains will return, including the Great Beasts and Master of the World.

* While calling Scott Lobdell's last run on Alpha Flight as "fun," Oeming said, "It might have done more harm than good."

* Oeming said that he viewed Canada as "the fourth leg in the table" of United States security and that if the fourth leg was removed the table could still stand, but not as solidly.

* Oeming said he hopes his next project for Marvel will be "off the radar" like his Thor work, where he didn't have to worry so much about continuity and tie-ins with the current Marvel Universe.

* Oeming said he's enjoyed writing Dynamite Entertainment's Red Sonja series. "I wanted to address all this stuff about her that's never been really addressed," he said. "There's a lot of character depth that has never been explored."

* Oeming said his writing load has increased over the years out of time and finanical necessities, but he is "still an artist at heart."

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