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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Matthew Atherton, better known to fans as Feedback, the winner of Sci Fi's Who Wants to Be a Super Hero?, said that his character will be appearing in a movie on the cable network -- although probably not in a Feedback film.

"Sci Fi is very interested in keeping its promise, but there's no word yet," Atherton said at a panel devoted to him at Mid-Ohio Con on Saturday.

Atherton said it's likely that the character will make an appearance in an original Saturday night film. "It will probably be someone in a Feedback costume doing something heroic with some special effects," he said.

He added that creating an entire movie based around the character "would take a long time."

Atherton also said that the Who Wants to Be a Super Hero?: Feedback comic book from Dark Horse is now scheduled for a Jan. 10 release.

In other highlights from the panel:

* Atherton quit his job to be in the show. He said his costume is one of a kind and cost $3,000 to make.

* Atherton was originally an alternate for the series. He got a last-minute call from the executive producer asking him why he should be on the show and gave a passion presentation. "I told him, 'I can't think of another reason to exist on this planet other than to do this,'" he said.

* Atherton said the show was taped over a two-week period and there was real stress between the contestants.

* His toughest challenge on Wants to Be a Super Hero? "It was trying to stay positive throughout the whole process," he said. "When I don't do things perfectly, I get very angry with myself. I had to keep taking every day as a new step and not as anything cumulative."

* Riding his success, Atherton said he will be part of a "super-hero parade" in Florida.

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