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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- No presentations. No announcements. No pre-planned schtick. And no marketing guys.

The Marvel Comics panel at Mid-Ohio-Con Sunday was a good, old-fashioned chat session with five of the publisher's creators: Michael Avon Oeming, Yanick Paquette, Leonard Kirk, Angel Medina and Ron Garney.

The mostly anecdotal panel was often humorous, sometimes a little out of school and generally fun. Wolverine -- or at least someone dressed like him -- was the host.

And there was a little bit of news, too.

Here are some highlights:

* Garney talked about a cover to Amazing Spider-Man he just worked on.

"It's Spider-Man at the back of an ambulance with his head hung low because of who's in the ambulance," Garney said. "I won't tell you who's in the ambulance."

* Kirk, who has a two-year exclusive with Marvel, said he is moving from the Agents of Atlas mini-series to Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four. Kirk said that Marvel Adventures FF was originally going to be his first job, but he was offered Agents of Atlas, delaying the FF gig.

* Paquette said he's on sort of a "three-strike policy" in terms of what projects he can turn down during his three-year exclusive with Marvel. He said he can reject two projects before he has to accept work given to him. He said he has to draw seven issues a year to fulfill his agreement.

* The panelists were asked what they thought of Civil War.

Both Paquette and Kirk said they hadn't read Civil War. Paquette noted that his Civil War: X-Men was rather remote from the core event and thus didn't face the delays other tie-ins did. And Kirk noted he was on one of the few books that didn't have anything to do with Civil War.

Oeming said he had to read Civil War for his upcoming Omega Flight series. "I actually enjoyed it," he said. "I hope Marvel sticks to it. The biggest mistake they could make is to pretend it didn't happen."

Garney, of course, is smack in the middle of Civil War with Amazing Spider-Man. He said he's enjoyed working on the event.

"The concept is really good," he said. "I don't know if the whole industry needed it, but it's been sort of a shot in the arm."

Garney said that he's enjoyed the "everyman" perspective that Peter Parker has, and that his unmasking shakes things up for new types of stories.

* Oeming said he is working on another Ares mini-series.

* Medina said he was going to work on Sensational Spider-Man for two years and that becoming exclusive for Marvel only made sense. He related a story of reading an Spider-Man vs. Electro comic as a child and wishing he could re-design Electro for a story he would draw -- which he actually wound up doing recently.

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