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BURNABY, British Columbia -- The Continuum today wraps up its interview with Allison Mack, who plays Chloe Sullivan on The CW's Smallville.

(For part one of the interview, CLICK HERE.)

The Continuum: There seems to have been an instant chemistry with Aaron Ashmore and Jimmy.

Mack: Yeah, I kind of adored him right away. I was really lucky, because my personal boyfriend is very similar to the character Jimmy Olsen is. The writers know my boyfriend and know that, so there were a lot of similarities that were written in to the character that kind of parallel my life.

I always say, "My God, you remind me so much of my boyfriend" when I'm talking with Aaron. So there was an instant comfort/attraction kind of thing there. And then also Aaron's a very good-looking guy and he's so charming, it was kind of hard not to be captivated by him, in a way.

The Continuum: And Jimmy's not just a doofus, either.

Mack: That's the other thing, too. The character is interesting, so he's able to tickle Chloe's fancy not only physically, but intellectually, and I think that was one of the most important parts about bringing in a love interest for Chloe.

But I think it's so much fun that my character is the only character that's a figment of Al and Miles' (Gough and Millar) imagination. And that was brought to this show specifically for this show and has not been part of the Superman comics, whatsoever. So they're really been able to manipulate me and manipulate their storyline so that it coincides with the Superman legend. And I've been used as a bridge in order to gap a lot of those spaces in a way.

So it's been so much fun to be part of the legend, but still be so fresh and new -- in just bringing Lois in, and introducing journalism to Clark, and giving Brainiac his name, and calling Clark Superman, and saying "faster than a speeding bullet" and now, being the reason that Jimmy Olsen is a part of our story. It makes me feel very important.

The Continuum: There's been a lot of talk about Chloe becoming a character in the comic books.

Mack: I do believe DC purchased my image already. I don't know if that's actually true, but I believe Chloe is owned by DC now.

The idea that if anybody plays this character in the future in some other projects, they'll have to look like me or have a likeness of me is really cool. Really cool.

The Continuum: I've heard from several people now about how much Tom Welling has grown over the show's course.

Mack: Absolutely. Tom is an amazing man in that he's like a sponge. And he loves to learn. And he loves filmmaking, all aspects of it. So from the first day that he walked on set, he was so humble about everything and so excited to try things on and take people's advice. There was no pride. There was no ego. Beautiful.

And because of that he's learned at a rapid pace. It's really incredible. This year, directing, he was fabulous.

The Continuum: He directed this year, too?

Mack: He did. He's a fantastic director -- as he is an actor. Seeing him evolve has been amazing.

The Continuum: Do you have a favorite episode?

Mack: This season?

The Continuum: Or overall.

Mack: I like this episode we just shot called "Labyrinth." I really liked the script for that, where Clark is caught up in sort of a dream world where he has no powers and everybody says he is crazy -- except for Chloe. I thought that was really interesting and exciting and cool.

One of my most favorite ones to shoot, just because it was really fun, was "Spell," where the three of us were witches. Just because I love Erica (Durance, who plays Lois) and Kristin (Kreuk, who plays Lana) so much and it was so much fun to work with them and be this really goofy, ridiculous character.

The Continuum: Are you surprised at the fan base for this show?

Mack: They're so amazing, loyal and fantastic.

The Continuum: You've been to conventions.

Mack: I've been to a few, and it's really overwhelming. It's exhausting but it's always so uplifting because you really get to see the support people have for you, which is really nice.

The Continuum: And all the web sites...

Mack: I know, it's unbelievable. I try to stay off the Internet just because I'm too insecure. I read all the good things and then remember the one bad. Just for my own sanity, I usually try to stay away from them.

I have had a couple of interviews with some women that have done web sites for me that are just fantastic young women. They're just wonderful young women that really appreciate Chloe's intellect and ambition. That's sort of more what I'd like to see out in the world as role models for young women, so I'm really glad that these women are taking the initiative and putting things out there for me because I'm not good at doing my own publicity.

The Continuum: I know they don't tell you what's coming up for your character...

Mack: No, they don't. I have a big mouth, that's why. (laughs) I'd probably tell the secrets.

The Continuum: Right. But what direction do you feel Chloe should be headed?

Mack: Which direction? Right now, I've just been so focused on balancing all of the secrets and lies that I've had between Lana and Clark.

She's losing Jimmy. I think she's very aware of the fact that she's losing Jimmy because of Clark. So I think she's getting to a very integral part of her life where she's going to need to choose which direction she's going to go.

Will she continue to dedicate her life to Clark and his secret? Or will she say, "I can't do this anymore. I won't ever tell your secret, but I cannot be involved in your life anymore." And kind of shut Clark out so she continue to live her life the way she wants to live it.

The Continuum: Like Pete Ross did.

Mack: Yeah, totally. So I think she's definitely in a place in her life, or will be very soon, especially if she loses Jimmy, where she's going to really have to start looking at how this is effecting her and if it's benefiting her and her life and what she wants to do.

The Continuum: Did you see the Superman Returns movie?

Mack: I didn't, I didn't, I didn't. I know. I know. I need to go see it. It was at the IMAX by my house and I totally didn't see it. But I will. I'll rent it.

The Continuum: I was just curious, because Smallville can't go on forever. Do you see a future for your character or would you like to go on to other things?

Mack: It would be hard for me to say, either way. As of right now, six years into it, I would be very interested in trying something else. But that's not to say I'm willing to close doors on other things.

So, I'm not really sure. I know that there have been ideas thrown around and I've been involved in some of them and not involved in others. I'm trying to focus on what we're doing right now as opposed to projecting into the future the choices I would make.

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