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Written by Richard Martin, art and cover by Mark Sparacio.

Ripped from today's headlines, it's a full-length, 28-page, full-color Liberty Girl adventure, featuring a special guest appearance by the Huntsman! After five decades apart, when one of America's greatest living heroes is murdered in a terrorist attack, the time has come for Elena and Donald Hunter to be reunited to serve the cause of justice. And against Liberty Girl and the Huntsman, there is only one way the murderous villain who killed their old friend can even hope to survive. The explosive cliffhanger ending to "Those Who Favor Fire."

32 pages, $2.99, in


Written by Roy Thomas and Steve Perrin, art by Benito Gallego, Pete McDonnell and Albert Deschesne, cover by Dell Barras.

Heroic's original flagship title returns in April with a double-dose of full-color adventure! First, for the first time in fifteen years, Roy Thomas' Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt return in an all-new adventure by Thomas and Anthem artist Benito Gallego! And for the first time in color, from the pages of Liberty Girl, the Huntsman stars in the classic tale, "Familiarity Breeds Danger."

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on April 25.

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