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Character co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti will be traveling to Los Angeles on Monday to write an episode of Sci Fi Channel's Painkiller Jane, executive producer Gil Grant revealed Friday.

"He's really embraced it and he's been made part of the creative process," Grant said at Sci Fi's presentation at the NBC Universal Cable Press Tour during the Television Critics Association winter gathering in Pasadena, Calif. "He was in Vancouver for the first episode shooting, so hešs quite involved.

"He knows the difference. He knows a comic book is a comic book and a television series is a television series, and they canšt be the same. But hešs quite happy."

"He's been very helpful," said series star Kristanna Loken. "He's very creative."

Grant and Loken were joined by cast members Rob Stewart and Noah Danby for a short question-and-answer session following a clips presentaton for the show, which premieres on April 6.

Clip the thumbnails for larger images from the presentation and look for more from that Q&A soon here in The Continuum.

For images from the first episode of Painkiller Jane, CLICK HERE.

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The CW has released a description of "Crimson," the Thursday, Feb. 1 episode of Smallville.

Here's how the episode is described:

"After Lois (Erica Durance) tries on lipstick made with Red Kryptonite, she becomes overwhelmed with desire for Clark (Tom Welling) and makes her move. The two share a kiss, transferring the Red Kryptonite to Clark and his inhibitions immediately shut down causing 'bad Clark' to emerge.

"Fueled by the red rock, Clark decides to break up Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) and Lana's (Kristin Kreuk) wedding dinner and kidnap the bride-to-be."

The episode was written by Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders and directed by Glen Winter.

For an interview with Erica Durance from the set of "Crimson," CLICK HERE.

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Sci Fi Channel has greenlit production on Flash Gordon, based on the longtime comic strip franchise, it was announced Friday at the Television Critics Association tour.

Production of the 22 one-hour episodes begins in Canada in early this year, with a July 2007 launch targeted. A broadcast syndication windown will follow.

Under an agreement with property owner King Features Syndicate, the new series is being produced by RHI's Robert Halmi, Sr. and Robert Halmi, Jr., who previously produced Sci Fi's mini-series event Legend of Earthsea.

Ming, Dale Arden, and Dr. Hans Zarkov will be among the many characters in the new show, based on the comic strip created by Alex Raymond in 1934.

Click for the Warner Bros. Online


Heroic Publishing has announced that Anthem #4, by Roy Thomas and Benito Gallego and due in stores on Jan. 31, has sold out at Diamond Comic Distributors.

In order to meet unexpected direct market demand, copies originally intended for newsstand distribution have been diverted to Diamond by Heroic.

Replacement copies for Heroic's newsstand distributor are now being printed, and this supplemental printing will bring the total print run for Anthem #4 to 2,700 copies.

In other Heroic news:

* Artist Mark Beachum, who made his mark during the mid-1980s on Heroic Publishing's most popular character, is returning for two issues of Flare this spring.

In Flare #37, which goes on sale at the end of March, Beachum teams up with Dick Giordano for a look back at the history of Flare's relationship with her best friend, Donnah Hannah, aka Lady Arcane. Then, in Flare #39, on sale at the end of June, Beachum flies solo with a fully painted rendering of the previously untold tale of a classic confrontation between Flare's mother, the Golden Warrior, and the original Tigress.

* Heroic's mythologically based hero, Giant, will appear in several titles, beginning in February in Flare #36, followed by Champions #39 in June and in "League of Champions," a four-part crossover running August through November in Champions #40-41 and Flare #41-42.

This ala leads to the first issue of The Adventures of Giant, targeted for early 2008.

Beginning in July, tales of Will Jensen's grandfather, the original Giant, are set to be told in the pages of Liberty Comics. In each issue, this super-sized 52-page magazine will feature some of the earliest adventures of such Heroic Publishing characters as Giant, Liberty Girl, Doctor Arcane, and the Golden Warrior. Liberty Comics #1-2 will present the classic tale of the origin of the original Giant, by Dennis Mallonee and Chris Marrinan.


* Similar to the secret covers to Wolverine: Origins #2 (Canadian Flag Cover) and Wolverine: Origins #3 (Wolverine #50 Hidden Message Cover), Marvel has slipped another ultra-rare variant out, this time for Wolverine: Origins #10.

Above is a look at all three of the book's covers. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

* Marvel Comics on Friday announced that the premiere issue of Stephen Kingšs Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born will have variant covers by editor-in-chief Joe Quesada and series artist Jae Lee.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

* As a special feature, the Invincible Iron Man DVD will include the first scene from the Doctor Strange animated movie.

* The television campaigns for the Ghost Rider and 300 movies have begun. Both were part of CBS' coverage of the NFL playoffs on Saturday.

* Ape Entertainment has announced that The Black Coat will be returning for a second mini-series beginning in May.


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