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Legion of Super Heroes news, First Looks -- and much more!!!


Platinum Studios and KISS Catalog Ltd., the merchandising empire created and managed by original members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, have announced the creation of a new comic book entertainment company, the KISS Comics Group.

This is the first time KISS will be producing its own comic book-based characters.

The line kicks off at the Wizard World Los Angeles on March 16-18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where both Simmons and Stanley will be present to promote the debut of KISS 4K #1, Destroyer Edition. The Destroyer Edition will be a super-sized comic book, and the ongoing KISS 4K monthly series will begin in May.

Newcomer Ricky Sprague is writing KISS 4K, with #1 art by painter Kevin Crossley. Rodolfo Migliari (Freshmen) is the cover artist.

KISS 4K tells the story of the transformation of the KISS band members into eternal, evil-fighting spirits. However, once they transform, they are unable to transform back into their human forms.

"Gene Simmons approached me with the idea of launching KISS Comics Group and working together has simply been incredible," said Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Platinum Studios¹ founder and chairman. "Platinum Studios has been working with independent comic book creators for years; KISS' worldwide legion of fans spans an enormous age range, providing this new company with a given global audience."

"We've had licensed KISS comic books before but never our own imprint and never with the wide reach across so many multi-media platforms," Simmons said. "Paul Stanley and I are personally involved in all day-to-day decisions and we are looking forward to extending the KISS legacy, images and sound to our fans around the world."

"As the iconic KISS characters have continued to evolve far beyond our beginning in rock music, we have always looked for the ideal situation for a KISS comic book outlet that was as far reaching as we originally conceived and intended. Platinum fills that slot perfectly," Stanley said.

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NBC has released titles and descriptions for all four new episodes of Heroes for February.

For the complete rundown, CLICK HERE.


George Perez is tackling his first monthly title in three years with DC Comics' The Brave and The Bold, which launches next month.

"It took me a few pages to get back into the monthly grind, but I'm having a great, great time," Perez said last weekend at the Phoenix Cactus Comicon in Mesa, Ariz.

Perez reiterated that the title, written by Mark Waid, will not be a "Batman and..." book, although Batman and Green Lantern are featured in the first issue.

"I recently drew a cover that had Supergirl with a cycle chick outfit and on a spacecycle, dragging Lobo in tow," Perez said.

"I don't know about the plot of that issue because I do the covers in advance, but I love that Mark Waid is throwing me all these curveballs."

Perez said that a convention appearance in Pittsburgh in late April will be his last until 2009.

Click on the thumbnails below for pages from the first issue, as well as covers from the second and third issues.


For covers and five-page previews of upcoming Marvel Comics titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Blade #6 and Silent War #2.

GI Joe at Entertainment Earth!


DC Comics on Tuesday announced several changes for its upcoming books.

Following is a rundown:

* Justice League of America #8 will feature art by Shane Davis and Matt Banning, and Justice Society of America #5 will be illustrated by Fernando Pasarin. The issues are the first two parts of the crossover story "The Lightning Saga."

* The Justice League of America Vol. 1 HC will now include issues #0-7. It's due in stores on June 6.

* Daniel Acuna is providing the art for Green Lantern #18-19, with covers by regular series artists Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert.

* The lead story in Tales of The Unexpected #6 will feature art by Tom Mandrake.

* DC has corrected the description of StormWatch PHD #6: "Follow StormWatch team leader John Doran through a routine day at the 'office' and learn what it takes to manage a team of super-powered misfits. This day will be anything but ordinary, though, as powerful forces are putting a gambit into play that could destroy the team and reveal a traitor in PHD¹s midst. Could this be the end of the Post Human Division?"

* Desolation Jones #9 is being resolicited.

* The contents of Shadowpact: The Pentacle Plot TP have been updated. The trade now will collect issues #1-3 and 5-8 of the monthly series.

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Krypto the Superdog is everywhere.

The series, from Warner Bros. Animation, will join Cartoon Network¹s all-classic cartoon channel, Boomerang, beginning Monday, Feb. 5, at 7 p.m. and will air weeknights in that time period.

Boomerang will showcase all 39 produced episodes, saving only a Christmas-themed storyline for December.

According to respective network representatives, Krypto will also continuing airing on Kids' WB! and Cartoon Network.

Krypto continues in hour-blocks on Saturdays at 7 a.m. on Kids' WB!. The series will air at 12:30 p.m. weekdays for at least the first two weeks of February on Cartoon Network.

Krypto is the first series to air on all three networks simultaneously.

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BlueWater Productions has announced that it has reached an agreement with Atomic Pop Art that will have them publishing a series of graphic novels throughout 2007.

"This new arrangement will allow Atomic Pop Art to bring back some of our best work from our past with Image Comics and Alias Comics, while we devote more of our own time and efforts to developing new stories, to have them ready for readers on time each month," said BlueWater Productions president and managing editor, Darren G. Davis. "We're very pleased that Atomic Pop Art will be joining us in this project."

Some of the collected issues were previously unreleased, after the books' previous publisher decided in January to cease printing. Among the never-before-seen books are Venus #1, 10th Muse #14-17, and The Legend of Isis #11-12. Because of the publisher's decision not to print these issues -- some of which play a vital role in wrapping up continuing storylines - they are now available only in these graphic novels.

"It's unfortunate that the publisher was not able to continue producing these books, but they are still wonderful issues and very important to the characters and the BlueWater universe," Davis said. "Because of that, we have decided to include them in these upcoming graphic novels for fans to still enjoy."

For a rundown of the trades, CLICK HERE.

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Click on the publishers' names below for solicitations, with images, for April comics.

* Archie Comics.

* Aspen Comics.

* Avatar Press.

* Boom! Studios.

* Dark Horse Comics.

* Devil's Due Publishing.

* DC Comics.

* Dynamite Entertainment.

* Heroic Publishing.

* IDW Publishing.

* Image Comics.

* Marvel Comics.

* Oni Press.

* TwoMorrows Publishing.

* Virgin Comics.


* Sony Pictures has released another behind-the-scenes video from Spider-Man 3. Click above to watch the video.

* Eva Mendes, who plays Roxanne in Ghost Rider, will be a guest on ABC's Jimmy Kimmell Live on Thursday, Feb. 22.

Mendes is show to the right during a recent Ghost Rider photocall in Madrid, Spain. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image and look for more on Ghost Rider very soon here in The Continuum.

* During its event at the first day of the New York Comic Con, Sci Fi Channel will show a clip from the upcoming Painkiller Jane television series. Look for more Painkiller Jane news soon here in The Continuum.

* According to Marvel Comics, Blade #5 has sold out. The issue was a Civil War tie-in.

* DC Comics announced that Michael Freeman has been promoted to administrator -- direct sales.


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