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Written by Craig Shaw Gardner, Jim Alexander, David Bishop, Mike Bullock, Ron Fortier, Steven Grant, Clay and Susan Griffith, CJ Henderson, Nancy Kilpatrick, Len Kody, Howard Mackie, David Michelinie, Will Murray, Mike Oliveri, Martin Powell, Ed Rhoades, Trina Robbins and Dan Wickline, cover by Doug Klauba.

17 new prose short stories of the Phantom! High adventure and intrigue in the African jungle, on the high seas, and in the city! There is always justice that needs to be served, whether it's in the present...or the past. Nearly five centuries ago, during a daring raid at sea, pirates took the life of merchant ship captain Christopher Standish. In the heat of the pitched battle aboard the ship, Standishıs son was knocked overboard to wash ashore on a remote beach where he was found by a friendly pygmy tribe. After stumbling upon the body of his fatherıs killer, young Standish swore an oath on the murdererıs skull to devote his life, and the lives of his sons and their sons, to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty and injustice. To the outside world, this man, seemingly immortal, has always worn the mask. As the legend grew, it transcended the life of any one mortal. And that legend became The Phantom.

Interior illustrations by Disney sculptor extraordinaire Ruben Procopio! And an introduction by The Phantom creator Lee Falk's daughter Valerie!

240 pages, $15.95 (Limited edition hardcover, $36.95).


Written by CJ Henderson, cover art by Bob Larkin.

Moonstone's first novel is here! The first Kolchak original novel in over a decade!

Carl Kolchak was just your average reporter until one day he put two and two together and came up with evil. A reluctant paranormal investigator, Kolchak couldn't stop tripping over the unusual even if he wanted to. And for all of his efforts of seeking the truth...unemployment and ridicule have followed him like the plague.

Someone, or something, is tearing people up into little pieces in small town West Virginia. It's up to Kolchak to wade through the bloody-science jigsaw puzzle, while watching his back against an unseen foe! It's a cat-and-mouse game, as he battles a maelstrom of terror that everyone around him gets sucked into. No one is safe, not the police, the FBI, or that very attractive new woman in his life...

There is a dark and sinister truth that will be revealed to Kolchak as to why him -- if he can only live long enough to put the last horrifying clues together!

192 pages, $14.95.

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