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ORLANDO --The Smallville Season 5 trading card set has just been released, and already Inkworks' Allan Caplan is making plans for a Season 6 collection.

At Inkworks' panel at MegaCon over the weekend, Caplan said Smallville Season 6 is scheduled for January.

"We've been supportive of Smallville back when they called it 'Dawson's Creek on steroids,'" Caplan said. "I like Smallville, and, to be quite honest, it gets better every year."

Smallville was one of several popular licenses Caplan touched upon during an informal presentation.

Following are some of the highlights:

* Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Inkworks has released 16 different sets based upon the show and will mark the show's 10th anniversary in July.

"I can't go into it yet," Caplan said. "We want to keept it a secret."

* Lost: Caplan thinks he has outdone himself, even topping the authentic sand that was included in the third set.

The Lost Season 3 set will contain actual pieces of the plane from the show.

* Shrek the Third: Two versions will be produced, one for collectors and one for the general retail market.

* 4400: The Season 2 set is slated for June. Caplan said he likes to license promising new shows like 4400 and CBS' Jericho.

* Naruto: This franchise has proven Inkworks' top seller. A Secret Weapons set is slated for May.

* The Golden Compass: Based on the film starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig and the Phillip Pullman book Northern Lights. Scheduled for October.

* Aliens vs. Predators 2: Based on the upcoming film and scheduled for December.

* Hellboy animated: The Sword of Storms cards are now out, and Caplan said he will measure response to decide upon a second set. "We already have it licensed," he said.

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