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ORLANDO -- Jimmy Palmiotti brought a treat with him to MegaCon on Sunday.

For his panel on SciFi's upcoming television series Painkiller Jane, based on the character created by Palmiotti and Joe Quesada, Palmiotti showed a just-completed trailer/sizzler reel for the show.

The clip was from the first episode and featured a fight scene in which Jane, played by Kristanna Loken, falls out a window, 46 stories to her apparent death. Some of the behind-the-scenes green screen and wire work needed for the fall were also shown.

The trailer included a voiceover by Loken that sets up the series and ended with a bullet-whirring look at the show's logo.

Palmiotti then answered questions from the audience. Following are highlights:

* While not involved so much in the original pilot movie, Palmiotti said he is heavily involved in the series, which offers a new take. He visited the set in Vancouver during the filming of the first episode and has sat in on writers' meetings for the show.

Most notably, Palmiotti is writing the 11th epiosde and will be directing another.

* Palmiotti said that series star Loken is "a perfect match" for Jane.

"In real life, she's a lot like the character," he said. "She's nearly six feet tall and can kick the ass of anybody in this room. She's also wonderful, charming and sexy."

Loken is also co-executive producer. "Kristanna's pretty formidable. She has a lot at stake in the show," Palmiotti said. "It's her baby."

* Painkiller Jane is the first of Palmiotti's many creations to be realized in film or television. He noted that he and Quesada first optioned Ash as a feature film with DreamWorks back in 1995.

* Palmiotti said Painkiller Jane will be episodic in nature. "You can watch them out of order if you like," he said. "Each has a beginning, a middle and an end."

* Jane's voice will be heard as a narrative in the show. "They took that right from the comic book because they loved that," Palmiotti said.

* Just before leaving for MegaCon, Palmiotti received the first four completd episodes of the show, which he said should be helpful in his writing an episode.

"You see the actors and how they interact," he said.

* Palmiotti is known for his collaborations -- be it with Quesada, current writing partner Justin Gray, writer Garth Ennis or artist Amanda Conner. Although he said loves collaborating, he said he is comfortable writing a Jane episode by himself, noting he's written more than 20 comics stories on his own.

"I've also got the backing of the writers' room," he said, noting he is very open to notes and already reworked his outline.

He noted that a television series differs from comics production in that there are some 300 people involved, compared to a handful for a comic book.

"They worry about each script," he said. "And they noodle it and go over it and over it."

* Having read seven scripts, Palmiotti said the series will have a bit of an X-Files feel as Jane and her group get "knee deep in some big craziness."

"If you don't know how the story's going to end, it immediately interests me," he said. "The show has that element. You don't know what's going to happen with these characters."

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