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NEW YORK -- How big is World War Hulk?

At the panel devoted to the next Marvel event, editor-in-chief Joe Quesada noted that, in all, with tie-ins, there will be 35 total issues over four months.

"There's always going to be tie-in books," Quesada said. "That's the essence of publishing."

Quesada and several of the creators -- writers Greg Pak, Frank Tieri, Christos Gage and Dan Slott, editors Bill Rosemann and Mark Paniccia -- discussed the main story of an angry Hulk's return to Earth as well as the tie-ins.

Following are highlights:

* Things start in May with World War Hulk: Prologue by Peter David, Al Rio, Sean Phillips and Lee Weeks. "It gives you a primer in you haven't read Planet Hulk," Quesada said.

* Pak is writing the World War Hulk mini-series and the event in the monthly Incredible Hulk.

"It's an incredibly giant smash-fest as well as one of the most emotional Hulk stories in recent memory," Pak said.

* Incredible Hulk #106-109 will be drawn by Gary Frank and feature those who are actually on the Hulk's side. "It's an interesting group of people," Pak said. "Who are these renegades and why do they come together?"

* World War Hulk: X-Men is a three-issue mini-series dealing with the Hulk's reaction to Professor Xavier being part of the Illuminati, which sent him into space. It is written by Gage, with art by Andrea DiVito and covers by Ed McGuinness.

"I'm going to use as many as of the X-Men as they'll let me use," Gage said.

* World War Hulk: Gamma Corps is the villain's book, according to writer Frank Tieri, who is joined by artist Carlos Ferreira. General Ryker puts together a crew to take down the Hulk.

"Imagine the crew from Predator with gamma powers," Tieri said, who added the mini-series will show the consequences of a Hulk battle.

* World War Hulk: Front Line will mirror the Civil War book with a similar title, writer in Paul Jenkins and main artist Ramon Bachs.

* Editor Bill Rosemann said the book will have mulitple stories, with the lead story centering on reporters Ben Urich and Sally Floyd. Back-ups will feature Sallyıs boyfriend Danny who is a cop in the Cosutme Division.

"These people with god-like powers come to Manhattan with their own agenda, but what about the people who live there?" Rosemann said.

Sean Martinborough is providing art for the back-ups and John Watson the covers.

Each issue also will have a two-pager drawn by Chris Moreno, Jenkins' collaborator on Sidekick, that will have a humorous take on events.

* Gage is writing Iron Man #18-19, which tie into the event. He said the story deals with one of Tony Stark's first issues as director of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Should he put his forces in danger against the Hulk for what is basically a personal score?

* Heroes for Hire #14 deals with Humbug and his ability with insects, which should extend to Brood and Miek.

* Other tie-ins will include an Young Avengers one-shot by Jeph Loeb and David Finch, Ghost Rider #12-13, New Avengers: The Initiative #4 and the Irredeemable Ant-Man #10.

* Pak noted that what happens in World War Hulk: X-Men will have a lasting impact on the X-Men.

* Pak noticed that the reaction of She-Hulk will be seen in Incredible Hulk #106 and the reaction of Namor will be seen in Incredible Hulk #107.

* Slott noted that Incredible Hulk #106 starts 10 second after She-Hulk #18. "Jennifer will find out Tony and the rest did to her cousin," Slott said.

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