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NEW YORK -- Oops!

At the end of the DC Universe panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday, a fan asked DC Comics' Dan DiDio if the recent promotional image included Barry Allen as The Flash and Jason Todd as Red Robin.

"Yes," DiDio said, suddenly halting himself as if had spilled some beans. Acting embarrassed, he buried his face into his hands as the audience erupted.

It was a revealing end to a panel that didn't give away too much.

Roll call for the panel included DiDio, vice-president sales Bob Wayne, writers Paul Dini, Gail Simone, Keith Champagne, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Greg Rucka, artists Pete Woods and George Perez and editors Matt Idelson and Michael Siglain.

Here are the highlights:

* Perez said he's on board for at least nine issues of Brave and the Bold, reiterating that he's open to drawing many characters.

* Rucka said the ending of 52 Week 51 will result "in a million eyeballs going 'pop!'"

* Woods on Amazons Attack: "They blow up Washington D.C. pretty much. they come in and kick butt and then a bunch of heroes come in and there's serious conflict."

* Dini, the leader writer of Countdown, said he's serving "as continuity police" on the project.

* Champagne, one of the writers of World War III, said that the mini-series will spotlight Firestorm, Black Adam, Martian Manhunter and the Suicide Squad.

* Simone on Birds of Prey: "Spy Smasher tries to take over, and Oracle's not too thrilled about it. After the Spy Smasher arc, it's the Birds of Prey vs. the Secret Six. There's a great fight between Big Barda and Knockout and a lot of fireworks between Huntress and Catman."

Simone said she has more Secret Six stories to tell, depending on her schedule. "I love to write villains," she said.

* DiDio said that the second reprieve from cancellation for Manhunter was Wayne's idea. "It's an ongoing," he said. "We're back for good."

* Wayne said there will be four total 52 trade paperbacks, containing the lead stories from the weekly series. Back-ups and the two-page origins will no be included.

* Newly exclusive Mike Norton will be working with Simone on All-New Atom.

* Dini said readers will see Scott Free in Countdown.

* DiDio said there's "a strong story" in the works with Cassandra Cain, but it's a ways off.

* More stories featuring Seven Soldiers characters? "Absolutely," DiDio said, noting writer Grant Morrison has been busy with 52.

* DiDio said that Dini and Morrison have "open invitations" as writers of Detective Comics and Batman.

* Wayne said the Legion of Super Heroes would be featured in a Showcase edition.

* In addition to Countdown, look for other DCU projects from McKeever.

* Dini revealed that the Countdown image showing two villains chained together consisted of Trickster and Pied Piper.

* Palmiotti on the next Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters mini-series: "You're going to see things you've been dying to see and things you weren't expecting."

* DiDio said Matt Wagner is in talks with the publisher, and not just for the DCU.

* Asked about a possible Teen Titans Classified book, DiDio said there will be some Titans-related mini-series.

* DiDio said that specific tie-ins with Countdown have not been scheduled yet. "We're trying to establish a sense of identity across the universe," he said.

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