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NEW YORK -- Writer Stuart Moore calls the Avengers/Transformers mini-series from Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing the "greatest excuse for a widescreen comic ever."

Announced at New York Comic Con last weekend, the four-issue crossover launches on July 5, just in time for the Transformers movie.

"It's a great combination of characters," Moore said. "The take-no-prisoners, military tone of New Avengers fits perfectly with the new, bigger-and-badder-than-ever Transformers. The science fiction angle is right up my street, and I'm also very psyched about writing a huge, planetary-scale widescreen action comic. I haven't really done that before."

The Avengers/Transformers crossover couldn't have been a better fit in terms of timing.

"Now that we'd firmly established our new continuity for the Transformers, I thought it was a good time to reach out and try to do a good crossover," Ryall told The Continuum. "Having a high-profile movie coming in July made the timing sensible for us, too.

"I initially approached Marvel about doing a crossover with one of their books -- I figured it was they who gave life to Transformers comics in the '80s and really paved the way for the rest of us. We got to talking, and when New Avengers was offered as an option, I jumped at the chance. Being able to pair the Transformers with the heavy-hitters like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Wolverine was especially appealing.

"So Bill Rosemann, Marvel's editor on the project, and I kicked around what we'd like to do. We got some proposals in, and Stuart Moore's really worked for both of us. We all three hashed out details back and forth and forged the current storyline into what is."

The series will be drawn by Top Cow's Tyler Kirkham. "If you saw his Sentinels in Phoenix -- Warsong, you know he can draw giant robots," Moore said.

Jimmy Cheung is providing the cover for the first issue, and Sean Chen is also providing a cover.

According to Marvel, the mini-series will feature the pre-Civil War New Avengers, including Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Cage, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel and the Falcon. Transformers characters will include Prowl, Ratchet, Jazz, Bumblebee, Wheeljack and Optimus Prime.

While details about the story weren't revealed -- Moore did mention the Decepticons will be included -- Rosemann dropped one hit.

"Much of setting is on the border between Symkaria and Latveria, so that may give you an indication of who might be in it," He said.

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