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Written by Steve Perrin and Lou Mougin, art by Mark Beachum, Jim Valentino and Karl Story, cover by Beachum.

Mark Beachum returns for a very special 39th issue of Flare, teaming up with writer Steve Perrin for an untold tale of Flare's mother, the legendary Goden Warrior. The year is 1947. The war is over. And Katrina Feran has returned home to her native Chicago, hoping to put her troubled past behind her. But there's little chance of that when the savage original Tigress comes to town! Also in this issue, Flare's electric little sister Sparkplug faces her own shadow from out of the past in the classic adventure, "Perceptions," by Lou Mougin, Jim Valentino, and Karl Story.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 27.


Written by Wilson Hill and Chris Marrinan, art by Dick Giordano and Marrinan, cover by Giordano.

The Tigress and Giant return once more to the pages of Champions! First, the Tigress crosses paths with Flare's friendliest enemy, the winsome Whipperette, in an all-new adventure by Wilson Hill and Dick Giordano that pits them against the power of Erik Schadel, the demonic sorcerer who just might be Flare's father! Then, the all-new Giant teams up with none other than pretty Pammy Pomegranate against the power of Cybernotron and the serpent-worshipping cult of Venom reborn, in all-new adventure written and drawn by Chris Marrinan!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 27.

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