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SAN FRANCISCO -- The DC Nation panel at Wonder Con on Friday was the publisher's second in as many weeks, although executive editor Dan DiDio warned there might be some repeat information from New York Comic Con, there were plenty of news bits.

Bringing a West Coast feel was writer Judd Winick, who announced that Green Arrow #75 will be the series' last issue.

"The last page of #75 has Oliver Queen on bended knee, offering an engagement ring to Black Canary," Winick said.

DiDio and Winick said the engagement will have repercussions throughout the DC Universe and will lead into a four-issue Green Arrow: Year One mini-series in July by Andy Diggle and Jock and a Black Canary mini-series by Tony Bedard and Paulo Siquera.

Winick and DiDio were joined on the panel by vice-president, sales Bob Wayne, coordinating editor Jann Jones and Superman editor Matt Idelson.

Following are highlights:

* Other upcoming Year Ones will include Teen Titans by Amy Wolfram and Karl Kerschl, Metamoporpho by Dan Jurgens and Black Lightning by Jen Van Meter.

* DiDio recanted his statement from the New York Comic Con that the Countdown teaser image included Barry Allen. "That's not the case -- at least not completely," he said. "So when Barry Allen doesn't come running back, don't call me a liar."

* Asked about Isis, DiDio said. "I wouldn't say she's doomed, but there's a lot more pain in Black Adam's life before World War III."

* There are no plans for a memorial of Stephanie Brown in the Batcave. DiDio said she never really accepted as Robin and died as Spoiler.

* Idelson said Superman continuity issues will be addressed eventually. DiDio said said he wants to take key pieces from the origin and "see where we go from here."

* DiDio said that issues #5 and #6 of All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder and done, with #5 being solicited. He said Jim Lee is making a concerted effort to make the book more timely.

* DiDio said Supergirl will be returning from the future and there will be a title change to Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes. DiDio later emphasized that #30 will not be the title's final issue.

* Idelson said there are plans to use the Chloe Sullivan character from Smallville in the Superman titles, but it won't happen until next year.

* DiDio said that the 52 trade paperbacks will include commentaries after each issue that is collected.

* Is there hope for a Power Girl series? "Yes," DiDio said.

* Duncan Rouleau is working on a Metal Men mini-series.

* Alan Burnett, who is current executive producer of Kids' WB!'s The Batman, will be writing an arc of Superman/Batman. From the back of the audience, he said the story will include "somebody from the New Gods has rarely been used."

* Atom Smasher in Justice Society of America? "No, he'll be with another team," DiDio said.

* Manhunter, recently given a second reprieve, will start up again with #31 in July.

* DiDio hinted that Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond might be showing up.

* James Robinson has another Jack Knight story, and it's just a matter of his schedule, DiDio said.

* According to Idelson, Jerry Ordway has a Superman project.

* The recently announced Captain Carrot and the Final Ark will begin in August.

* DiDio said Alex Ross will likely take a break after Justice.

* DiDio said Batgirl will be appearing in several titles throughout the year.

* DiDio said he's hoping to pair exclusives Sean McKeever and Mike Norton, but for now, McKeever is working on Countdown and Norton is the artist of The All-New Atom.

* Any plans for more kids comics? "Yes. Stay turned -- seriously," DiDio said.

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