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SAN FRANCISCO -- Executive editor Dan DiDio launched the DC Universe panel on Saturday at Wonder Con with an announcement of three creator exclusives to DC Comics: writers Adam Beechen and Tony Bedard and artist Jim Calafiore.

Beechen joined DiDio as a panelist, along with vice president-sales Bob Wayne, editors Matt Idelson and Jann Jones and writer Judd Winick. Jim Lee stopped by for a few minutes as well.

After publicly thanking Phil Jimenez for creating the teaser image for Countdown, and noting how every subtley and nuance is imporant, DiDio threw the panel open to questions.

Following are highlights:

* Asked if Countdown's end will tie in with Superman's 80th anniversary in June, DiDio said no, and that Countdown will end in April. He did note there are plans for Superman.

* Regarding the Multiverse, DiDio said he wasn't admitting or denying anything, but there "are stories coming down the line."

* Asked if the two-page origins stories would continue from 52 to Countdown, DiDio said he couldn't say while nodding yes.

* DiDio said Animal Man's story "is not over."

* DiDio said he is targeting September for a Wonder Woman Special that will conclude Allen Heinberg's "Who is Wonder Woman?" story.

* DiDio said that Will Pfeiffer's upcoming story examines people's percerptions of Wonder Woman.

* Getting the book back on track, DiDio said there will be two issues of Wonder Woman in both March and April.

* Beechen said there will be new members of Teen Titans. Speaking of the 50th issue, he said, "In addition to moving the story forward, it will be a celebration of everything that the Teen Titans have been."

* Lee said all the art is done for All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #5 and #6 and that Frank Miller has completed scripts through #8. "We're trying to stockpile the issues before they start coming out again," he said. "Hopefully, the wait will be worth it."

Lee said that while Miller has been very timely in delivering scripts on All Star Batman, delays in Wildcats have come from both him and writer Grant Morrison.

* Lee said he's seen pages of Miller's Holy Terror, Batman! and that he thinks the book is expanding in scope from Miller's original plans. "It's on Frank's timeline," DiDio said.

* DiDio said that if the Multiverse returns, it would be a great way to use DC's Tangent characters again. "These characters have great potential," he said.

* Asked to give a name from John Ostrander's upcoming Suicide Squad, DiDio said he could give many: "Multiplex."

* DiDio said he hopes to continue to use Batwoman in the DCU after 52. He noted that her costume was designed by Alex Ross.

* DiDio wrote the trade paperback commentary for 52 Week 11, which introduced Batwoman as a lesbian. "It's one of the proudest decisions we've made since I've been involved with the company," he said.

* Asked about the possibility of an all-ages Supergirl comic from Sean McKeever, who wrote Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane at Marvel before becoming DC exclusive, Jones again teased to new all-ages material. "Stay tuned," she said.

* Idelson said the ongoing Supergirl book will become "more user friendly."

* Do characters on the post-Infinite Crisis Earth remember their old lives? DiDio said to read 52 Week 52.

* Winick said the Outsiders Annual, drawn by Scott McDaniel, will wrap up the One Year Later story.

* Beechen said Ion will be showing up "big time" in Countdown.

* Winick on Green Arrow #75, which ends the series with Green Arrow proposing to Black Canary: "It's the end of the series, but not the end of the story by far."

* Following the conclusion of Trials of Shazam, artist Howard Porter will likely return to the Jonny Quest series he was working on.

* DiDio on The Bleed: "The Bleed is a concept we like."

* DiDio said the JLA/JSA crossover will have ramifications throughout the DC Universe.

* Asked about gay male characters, DiDio said Obsidian will be continuing player in Manhunter.

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