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Written by Warren Ellis, art and cover by Juan Rose Ryp.

This summer, the world goes black as Warren Ellis unveils his all-new super-powered heroes and villains epic. With art by the genius Juan Jose Ryp, no fan of The Authority or Wanted will want to miss this bleeding-edge eight issue masterpiece. This #0 features an original story that leads directly into the full-size monthly series that starts in August priced at $2.99 per issue! When the political situation in the USA becomes more than Horus can stand, he moves to take matters into his own hands. But since not all his other teammates aren't so eager to throw the world into chaos, an epic conflict starts to form. And no one will be safe as the bodies start to fall. The event-launching issue is available with a regular or wraparound cover and also a rare 1-in-25 cover featuring the Horus design sketch, all by series artist Juan Jose Ryp.

16 pages, $0.99 (Wraparound, $0.99).


Written by Warren Ellis, art by Raulo Caceres, cover by Felipe Massafera.

An original graphic novel from Warren Ellis and his Apparat line of books! A highly trained but under equipped army invades another country due to that country's perceived threat to home security. The army conducts shock-and-awe raids designed to terrify the populace. This army is soon driven to ground, and vastly outnumbered. The English army has to stand and fight, in Crecy, France. On 26 August 1346, modern warfare changed forever. This is the story of England's greatest battle. Featuring the stunningly detailed art of Raulo Caceres.

48 pages, black and white, $6.99.


Written by Garth Ennis, art and cover by Jacen Burrows.

The Apocalypse is upon us! Jesus and Danny are in a world of trouble as the Devil appears to have his way and God is just not interested in doing anything about it. Come join us for the end of civilization, or at least this critically acclaimed series as Ennis drags the whole world into the gutter with his trademark razor-sharp dialogue, biting wit, and the stunning art of Jacen Burrows, all in full-color. This sacrilegious artifact is available is two covers, Regular and Visions of Hell Wraparound, both by series artist Jacen Burrows.

32 pages, $3.99 (Visions of Hell Wraparound, $3.99.)


Written by John Russo, art by Dheeraj Verma, cover by Jacen Burrows.

The next major zombie epic continues here at a special price of just $2.50! Following hot on the heels of John Russo's shocking Plague of the Living Dead Special, this 6-issue mini-series begins where the Special ended. After barely escaping from their military captors, a trio of Vietnam veterans make their way back to their home town of Stone Mountain... But it won't be the homecoming for which they have hoped. A darkness has crept into the town, bringing with it a flesh-ravaging horror which they had witnessed, first-hand, in the jungles of Vietnam... The Plague of the Living Dead! Pursued by military police, the soldiers rush headlong into Stone Mountain and into the pit of hell, as they find scores of zombies infesting the town, intend on devouring every living thing in their path. With no weapons and no hope for the survival of the loved ones that they had left behind, only one option remains for the trio... An option that includes destroying every last, stinking zombie they can before being ripped apart by the overwhelming legion of the undead! As well as the standard cover by super-star Jacen Burrows, this issue is available with a Wraparound, Terror, Rotting and Gore cover by series artist Dheeraj Verma and a painted cover by Lucio Rubira.

16 pages, $2.50 (Wraparound, $2.99; Terror, $2.99; Painted, $2.99; Rotting, $2.99; Gore, $2.99).


Written by Brian Pulido, art by Gabriel Guzman, cover by Rafa Lopez.

The ultimate battle of the uber-women is here! Lady Death and Pandora square off in this continuation of last year's hit one-shot Lady Death vs War Angel! Drawn by regular Lady Death series artist Gabriel Guzman, this fight will not disappoint fans of battling babes! This book is available in a few editions: the regular cover by Rafa Lopez, a Painted Wraparound cover by Felipe Massafera, Martin cover by Matt Martin, Bondage cover by Juan Jose Ryp, Pawns and Premium covers by Daniel HDR, and a super-limited Jewel Edition by Rafa Lopez, featuring jewels actually on the cover of the book, packaged in a special hard-case, and limited to just 350 copies.

16 pages, $2.99 (Painted wraparound, $2.99; Martin, $2.99; Bondage, $2.99; Pawns, $2.99; Premium, $9.99; Jewel, $39.99).


Art by Carlos Ferreira.

This lithograph is of Carlos Ferreira's sultry cover to Lady Death Wicked #1 Hedonist. Printed on high-quality card stock with cutting edge technology for a perfect high-resolution print suitable for framing. Each is strictly limited to only 150 copies! Every copy of this digital art print ships in a special rigid sleeve with a seal of authenticity.

11 inches by 17 inches, $29.99.


Written by James Anthony, art by Jorge Correa, cover by Lucia Rubira.

Stargate SG1 continues its stellar run in comics with this year's special one shot! The SG Command has a whole new type of problem on their hands when an evil doppelganger of Jack O'Neill is loose on the base, with free reign to cause havoc! This issue is available with the Regular and Conflict covers by painter Lucio Rubira, Wraparound by Jorge Correa, Asgard and Premium Painted covers by Ryan Drake, and Team and Samantha Carter photo covers.

16 pages, $2.99 (Wraparound, $2.99, Team Photo, $2.99, Carter Photo, $2.99; Asgard Painted, $2.99, Conflict, $2.99; Premium Painted, $9.99).

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