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FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2007


LOS ANGELES -- A new Avengers book, a Spider-Man/Red Sonja crossover and World War Hulk were among the topics at the Mondo Marvel panel at Wizard World Los Angeles on Friday.

Panelists included editors Tom Brevoort and Mark Paniccia, writers Chris Gage and Paul Jenkins, artist Brett Booth and Jim McCann of marketing.

Gage on the Quasar mini-series with Annihilation: Conquest: "Our editor Bill Rosemann describes it as Joan of Arc in space, which is very apt. It's a sci-fi epic, as Quasar and Moondragon are on a quest to find a person or thing who can end the Conquest."

The villain in Quasar is the Super-Adaptoid, according to Gage.

* Gage is writing two issue of Iron Man that tie into World War Hulk.

* Paniccia said that the back story of Mystic Arcana will try "to define what magic is in the Marvel Universe."

Avengers Classic is a new series that Brevoort equated to the X-Men Classic from the 1980s. Each issue will have a reprint, beginning with #1, along with one or two new stories and covers by Arthur Adams.

The new stories will be set in the past. "At the same token, they're being written now and we have a lot of foresight," Brevoort said.

Contributing to the first issue are Stan Lee, Dwayne McDuffie, Michael Avon Oeming and Kevin Maguire.

* Daredevil: Battling Jack Murdock, a four-issue mini-series launching in June, is by Zeb Wells and Carmine De Giandomenico.

* C.B. Cebulski on the Loners: "The way we're looking at this is as more an ensemble team drama book than a super-hero book and what's it like to take off the super-hero costume."

Cebulski said some "surprise secret charactgers" will be showing up and that covers by Jason Pearson will be homages to John Hughes covers.

* Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The First Death is an original story written by Laurel K. Hamilton, set prior to any of the novels. It will be drawn by Joe Phillips with covers by Brett Booth and is scheduled for July and August.

The story involves a bunch of firsts, including Anita's first meetings with Edward and Jean Claude.

* Spider-Man/Red Sonja is a five-issue crossover that starts in August. It's written by Mike Avon Oeming, with art by Mel Rubi and covers by Michael Turner. Brevoort said that the villains will include Kulan Gath and Venom.

Brevoort said the series was inspired by the issue of Marvel Team-Up that featured Spidey and Red Sonja. "This story will make some reference to that old story," Brevoort said.

Brevoort said that story will count toward both universes' continuities. The Venom in this story will be Eddie Brock.

* Gage said he is trying to figure out how to incorporate the Juggernaut into World War Hulk: X-Men story.

* Jenkins said one of the humorous two-page back-ups he is doing with Chris Moreno in World War Hulk: Front Line will involve the group that tries out for the Initiative in Rhode Island.

* Gage is writing Iron Man #19-20, a tie-in to World War Hulk. The artist is Butch Guice.

* Paniccia said two issues of Heroes for Hire will tie into World War Hulk, as Humbug comes back from the Savage Land a changed man and learning that there is another threat facing the Earth other than the Hulk.

* Brevoort said Avengers: Initiative #4-5 will tie into World War Hulk. "The Hulk's arrival on Earth is the first major engagement most of these characters have had," he said. "It's their baptism on fire."

* Brevoort on The Irredeemable Ant-Man #8, which ties into World War Hulk: "He'll basically take advantage of the carnage to loot and plunder and fill the linings of his pockets."

* Brevoort said that it will become public who tricked the Hulk into going into space.

* Paniccia said there will be "green-skinned kid" in World War Hulk: Gamma Corps.

* McCann said an announcement regarding Captain Marvel will be coming up in the convention season.

* Gage said that a Union Jack trade paperback will be in stores this summer.

* Jenkins will be writing a Thing vs. Hulk story in World War Hulk: Front Line.

* Brevoort said the Iron-Spider suit will be showing up again in Avengers: Initiative #3.

* Will Thor be around during World War Hulk? "Not saying," Paniccia said.

* Gage said Wolverine will be part of the fight in World War Hulk: X-Men.

* Jenkins said it's possible Front Line will continue in conjunction with other Marvel events.

* Brevoort said that he's already received half of an issue of script from Mark Millar's next project.

* Brevoort said that Lee Weeks has another project lined up that can't be announced yet.

* Brevoort said that the Thunderbolts won't be involved with World War Hulk.

* Paniccia said that Rick Jones plays "a pretty big role" in World War Hulk. Brevoort added that Jones will appear in Captain America #26.

* Brevoort said it will be big year for Doctor Strange.

* Super-Villain Team-Up launches in July.

* Brevoort said there's not a release date set for the Jeph Loeb/J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man project. "But it's looking pretty," he said.

* Eddie Brock will be in Spider-Man Family #3.

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