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LOS ANGELES -- Joss Whedon, who extended the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television into another season via a Dark Horse comic book, is now doing the same thing with Angel.

At its Wizard World Los Angeles panel on Saturday, IDW announced that Whedon will co-write an Angel series that picks up where the television series ended.

"They will definitely be canon," said IDW Publishing's publisher and editor-in-chief Chris Ryall.

The new Angel book will be co-written by Brian Lynch. An artist and launch date have not been determined, although Ryall said it would not being until after the Spike: Shadow Puppets series.

In other highlights from the panel:

* Transformers: Megatron -- Origin is a four-issue mini-series by Eric Holmes and Alex Milne that launches in May.

* Transformers Spotlight: Galvatron, by Simon Furman and Guido Guidi, is scheduled for July.

* Scarface: Devil in Disguise is a new mini-series by Joshua Jabcuga and Alberto Dose that launches in July. "It's a prequel story set back in Cuba and ties more into the movie that the previous series," Ryall said.

* The two-part Shi story in Fallen Angel will be told half from Angel's point of view (drawn by Joe Corroney) and have from Shi's (drawn by Shi creator Billy Tucci).

The Star Trek: Klingons: Blood Will Tell mini-series launching in April will last five issues.

"It's taking classic stories and reversing them and showing the whole thing from the Klingon perspective," said writer Scott Tipton.

The art is by David Messina. "He really changed his style to make it more open and classic," Tipton said.

Star Trek: The Original Series: Year 4 is a six-issue seris kicking off in July. David Tischman is writing, with art by Kelsey Shannon, Steve Conley and Leonard O'Grady and covers by Joe Corroney.

* Ryall announced collections of Milton Caniff's Terry and the Pirates strips. For more information, CLICK HERE.

* Bill Sienkiewicz is teaming with Steve Niles on 30 Days of Night: Beyond Barrow in September. According to Ryall, the book will introduce a character that show up in October's 30 Days of Night movie.

* Ryall said IDW is talking to Clive Barker about more projects, including movie spin-offs and The Damnation Game.

* Ryall said he looked into a possible Transformers/Star Wars crossover by George Lucas "wasn't a big fan of that."

Ryall said he wants to avoid a glut of Transformers crossovers.

* Don Figueroa is working on an Optimus Prime book for September.

* Ryall said there won't be any more Transformers: Evolution stories until 2008. He said Hasbro was concerned about too many continuities, especially with this summer's movie.

* Ryall said there are no plans to reprint older Tank Girl material, but advance word on the new Tank Girl series has been positive.

* Ryall said IDW is talking to Beau Smith about more project.

* A sequel to Igor Kordey's Smoke isn't planned, and Ryall said it might come from a French publisher.

Star Trek: Alien Spotlight will be a six-issue series. Steve Niles is writing about the Borg, Rick Remender about the Vulcans and Dan Taylor about the Green Orion Slave Women.

* Ryall talked about visiting the set of the 30 Days of Night movie last October in New Zealand. He said he was impressed on how much effort was being made to capture the color and mood of Ben Templesmith's art.

Ryall said IDW wouldn't do an adaptation of the film. "Because it feels wrong somehow," he said.

* At that point Gene Simmons and his son Nick joined the panel and talked about the Simmons Comics Group.

"We're very serious about this," Simmons said. "This is not a venture where people who are passively involved. We are all children of comics."

* House of Horrors is a 64-page quarterly that starts in July. It will be written by Ivan Brandon, Jason Henderson, Dwight L. MacPherson, Leah Moore, John Reppion, Chris Ryall, Gene Simmons, Nick Simmons, Sean Taylor and Tom Waltz.

Todd McFarlane, who worked with Simmons on KISS action figures, provides the cover. Simmons said he has to return the favor by visiting a store in Tucson for McFarlane.

Simmons said there have been meetings about turning the comic into a television seris.

* Nick Simmons said his new IDW series Skullduggery is about a guy who looks 12 but is actually a thousand years old and who teams up with an Egyptian god of death. "It's horror comedy, if you will," he said, "where they shoot each other in the face at least once an isue."

* Zipper launches in September and is by writer Tom Waltz and artist Adrian Lozaon. "Zipper is a reluctant traveler to this area," Simmons said. "It's closer in tone to Silver Surfer than a regular super-hero. There's a lot of questioning."

* Simmons said he now owns the trademark to Dominatrix, which is a new book launching in August from writer Sean Taylor. Simmons describes the lead character as "a clandestine reluctant super-hero, who unfortunately swallows the wrong pits."

"It's T&A meets CIA," he said.

Alex Garner provides a cover. Dominatrix..Sean Taylor art by TBD, cover by Alex Garner. Augst own that trademark. every Halloween, less Betty Page and more Dominatrix. deals with pleasure and pain. actually likes quite a bit of it her self. tattoo money bag logo. ... a clandestine reluctant superhoerine, who unfortunately swallows the wrong pills. tand a meets cia kick your ass then take you home for dinner Indy: Race of the Galaxy... Tom Waltz, German Torres.... younger demographic of indy racing league, 8 issue series... sort of the notion of a yellow brick road. a race of a thousand years and alien join in. pit stops on other planets. gaming world excited about it. met with CEO of Konami... not only do you hear his ideas, you hear his passion for the industry. impressed with me with his knowledge. He's a comic geeka t heart. he know there's no real money in this compared to his other gsimmons...used to be millions of fans who bought comic books. on air on cnbc yesterday. rebroadcast on Monday. want to prmote book, 2, reminder rest of america they should be reading comic books. go into deep waters and catch all kinds of new fish. no matter how proud I am of KISS, I have other things.

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