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MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2007


LOS ANGELES -- Tim Kring, creator of NBC'S Heroes, promised that the show won't become one of those "where the train engines can't get off the track" and that the series will wrap up some storylines before the end of the season.

"We need to wrap enough story up, so a new audience can jump on next season," Kring said at the Heroes panel on Saturday at Wizard World Los Angeles.

"There's a reason the pilot was titled volume one," added co-executive producer Jeph Loeb, who moderated the panel.

Kring and Loeb were joined by staffers Jesse Alexander, Michael Green, Adam Armus, Kay Foster, Joe Pokaski, Aron Coleite, Bryan Fuller and Chuck Kim, along with artists Tim Sale.

The Heroes panel was probably the most attended panel of the weekend at Wizard World Los Angeles. Even Marvel Comics panels played to rooms that were more than half-empty.

Other highlights included:

* The Season 1 DVD will be available in HD. It will contain new scenes as well as the original 72-minute cut of the pilot.

* Claire's friend Zach will not be portrayed as, at the request of actor Thomas Dekker's management.

* Loeb praised the work of James Kyson Lee as Ando. "It's a difficult thing being Dean Martin to Jerry Lewis," Loeb said. "He does it with courage and commitment."

* Sale said his art is done in black and white, colored by Dave Stewart and then blown up.

* An announcement regarding a collection of the Heroes web comics is expected at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

* Kring said there will be three "breakaway" episodes that hop off the main story this season. The first two were "Six Months Ago" and "Company Man" and the third will be the season's 20th episode, written by Pokaski.

* Kring said characters will come and go from Heroes, as part of his original plan.

"A character doesn't need to leave the show in a pine box," Loeb added. "They can leave for other reasons and you can guess what those might be."

* Asked about any Heroes spin-offs, Kring said, "There's been no discussions of spin-offs. We're swimming as fast as we can to get these episodes out."

* The eclipse will be dealt with.

* Kring said it's important to stick to the premise of the show -- the discovery of people with powers -- and keep it grounded in reality. "You have to ground the aspects of things of the show because it can backfire on you," he said.

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