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Written by John Shirley.

Someone on Earth knew about the aliens. Someone battled them, and survived. Before Ripley, there was a first encounter. Aliens and humans have fought before...

When a human spaceship discovers a vast egg-shaped vessel in Saturn's orbit, the crew powers in to investigate. Thinking the ship might contain usable metal for Earth, they force their way aboard. Three teams split up to explore the ship. Already the aliens have awoken. The first of all the battles unfolds.

250 pages, $6.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written and art by Shirow Masamune.

Paradise ain't easy! In the future utopian metropolis of Olympus, a blazing beacon of humanity amidst a post-global-war wasteland, ESWAT agents Deunan and Briareos have fought tooth and nail to keep the peace and prevent Olympus from sliding back into chaos. When Olympus intelligence learns of a giant Landmate powersuit being built in secrecy, and on the threshhold of a top-secret international conference of the highest importance to be held in Olympus, ESWAT is mobilized to crack the mystery and disrupt a terrorist operation that could turn the fragile peace into World War IV!

216 pages, black and white, $14.95, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written and art by Kim Young-Oh.

In a volume of nonstop action, the story of Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man comes to an end! Banya races to deliver his most important "package" ever -- the powerful summoner Jiahn -- to the aptly named Land of Death. Jiahn must reach her destination before an extraordinary evil is unleashed upon Gaya, but a vicious pack of warriors and monsters, led by the villainous Kamutu, closes in quickly. When Banya regains his memory, will he slip back into the role of a brutal killer and join Kamutu, or will his love for his friends at the Gaya Desert Post Office overcome the pull of a violent, rage-filled past?

200 pages, black and white, $12.95, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written and art by Kentaro Miura.

The bewildered and near-mad Casca, former captain of the Band of the Hawk -- and former lover of Guts, the Black Swordsman -- has been adopted by Midland's pagan cults as a witch, due to her demonic Mark of Sacrifice. But the Holy Iron Chain Knights' campaign to rid the kingdom of heretics by any means necessary puts Casca in mortal danger, and Guts is having none of it. But all parties involved may end up with more than they bargained for as demonic spirits, drawn to Casca's brand, begin to possess the heretics and unleash the forces of hell. But hell hath no fury like the Black Swordsman!

232 pages, black and white, $13.95, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written and art by Jim Silke.

If ever there were reason to believe in love at first sight, that reason would be Bettie Page. From the moment the first pinups of Bettie appeared, the world fell in love. Even now, a half-century after those first pictures were published, men desire her, women emulate her, and more and more people all over the world adore her. What did Bettie offer the camera that the other, more celebrated beauties of her time -- including Marilyn, Brigitte, and Sophia -- did not? Legendary pinup artist and entertainment historian Jim Silke dives into these tempting waters and offers his firsthand account of life behind the lens of the fifties pinup scene with his freshest book to date, Bettie Page Rules! Combining fun and informative writing with his singular insight into the world of gorgeous dames, Silke delivers a tantalizing pictorial portrait of all the 1950s bombshells. But that's just the tip of the cheesecake! Bettie Page Rules! is bursting at the seams with all-new pin-up paintings from Silke, capturing the fifties most gorgeous women in sizzling detail, not to mention an all-new selection of never-before-seen photos of Bettie, painstakingly gathered from private collections.

128 pages, $22.95, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written and art by Hiroaki Samura.

In this "Life in Death" one-shot issue, we catch up with Giichi and Hyakurin, the two former Mugai-ryü warriors who have been somewhat on the sidelines as Rin hunts for the missing Manji. Hyakurin is still recovering from the brutal events chronicled in the "Beasts" story arc, and Giichi -- now a despondent drunk after losing his son -- has some objections when she tries to solve a lingering problem on her own. Doc Burando reaches another milestone in his experiments. Although he's ridiculed by the doctors of Edo, Burando still believes that his bloody work is for the good of the country. Features a full-color Manji pinup by artist Farel Dalrymple!!

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on July 11.


Written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, art by Guy Davis, colored by Dave Stewart, cover by Mignola.

As events in Indonesia rise to a climax, Abe and Daimio race to stop the apocalyptic plans of the bizarre figures from Abe's past.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 11.


Written by Scott Lobdell, Fabian Nicieza, Christopher Golden, Doug Petrie, James Marsters, Dan Brereton and Andi Watson, penciled by Jeff Matsuda, Cliff Richards, Brian Horton, Ryan Sook and Luke Ross, inked by Will Conrad, Sandu Florea and Rick Ketcham, colored by Guy Major and Dave Stewart.

This second volume of our Buffy omnibus series collects many of the best Buffy comics to see print. As we follow the newly chosen Slayer from Los Angeles to Sunnydale and through her parents' divorce -- with Dawn in tow - the souled vampire Angel makes his first appearance and the not-so-souled Spike and Drusilla cleave a bloody path toward the West Coast. This collection includes the critically acclaimed graphic novel Ring of Fire and the miniseries A Stake to the Heart, and reflects the Season One to Season Three timeline of the cult-hit TV series. A fitting companion to Joss Whedon's comics-based relaunch of the show.

296 pages, $24.95, in stores on Sept. 12.


One of America's most prominent fantasy art talents has turned his hand to sculpture, and the results are stunning. Charles Vess, award-winning illustrator and graphic novel creator, has ventured forth with a new creative facet to his bejeweled career -- sculpting.

The figure will be offered as a full-size, pre-painted statue. It measures a big 13" in length, and is approximately 10.5" tall. It will come packaged in a full-color collector's box, and will be individually numbered on the underside of the base. The accompanying numbered certificate of authenticity will feature Vess' original concept drawing for the statue in addition to his signature.

10.5 inches tall, 13 inches in width, limited to 500 statues, $195.


Inspired by "syroco" sculptures that were popular in the 1930s and 40s, the ten new Peanuts statuettes from Dark Horse are designed and manufactured in a style consistent with the earlier figures. This month we feature the tenth and final statue in the series - Sally. Produced in a limited edition of hand-numbered copies, the figure is fully painted and ready to display. Each statuette comes carefully packaged in a custom-tooled, full-color, litho-printed tin box. Also included is a small booklet about each character and a vintage-style pinback button of the character.

5 inches tall, limited to 650 pieces, includes booklet and button, $39.95, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Timothy Truman, art by Cary Nord, colored by Richard Isanove.

"Red House, Red Priest." The second part of Timothy Truman and Cary Nord's adaptation of the Robert E. Howard classic "Rogues in the House"!

A favorite of fans and critics alike, the seminal Conan story "Rogues in the House" first appeared in Weird Tales. Now, writer Timothy Truman and artist Cary Nord bring you the tale of the Red Priest, as you've never seen it before. Free once again, Conan heads out to settle his debts, with the nobleman who engineered his escape and the wench who arranged for his capture!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 18.


Written by Paul Sammon, cover by Frank Frazetta.

This in-depth tour through the history of fantasy's greatest hero covers everything from the earliest prose, to Frazetta's explosive artwork, through the Schwarzenegger film, and into the recent rebirth of the character as a leading comic-book hero.

Since his first appearance in a 1932 pulp magazine, Conan the Barbarian has enjoyed every success available to a fictional character. Robert E. Howard created the genre of sword and sorcery with his original stories; Frank Frazetta's definitive Conan book covers set the standard for dynamic fantasy artwork; Roy Thomas, with Barry Smith and later John Buscema, used the character to push the boundaries of comic-book adventure; and Arnold Schwarzenegger launched his amazing film career.

Conan historian Paul Sammon looks at all the stages of the character's development, with commentary and archival material from the most integral players in that history.

200 pages, $29.95, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Steve Niles, art by Kyle Hotz, colored by Michelle Madsen, cover by Tim Bradstreet.

Cal McDonald, boozer, druggie, private dick who hangs with dead dudes -- welcome to Rock Bottom. Your only friend in the human world is dead, your girlfriend just dumped you and moved to another city, and the district attorney has a chip on his shoulder the size of a Chevy Nova with your name on it. When that chip turns into a nasty case of police brutality, Cal ends up fighting for his life in the intensive care unit and wakes up days later . . . sober.

And what's Cal been missing since he went under? Only the most horrifying convergence of sheer monster power ever to emigrate from the old world. Cal McDonald, meet Nosferatu.

104 pages, $12.95, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written and art by Adam Warren.

Empowered returns for further misadventures, as a distress-prone girl wonder struggles with life on the superheroic C-list! Clad -- or unclad, as fate would too often have it -- in her embarrassingly revealing and maddeningly unreliable supersuit, she fights a neverending battle against overly sensitive supervillains, irrationally envious superheroines, and her own body-image issues! Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Thugboy, plays with fire when he foolhardily attempts to compliment his profoundly insecure sweetheart on the awe-inspiring power of her . . . well, booty. And her often-inebriated gal-pal, Ninjette, pursues a drunken and ultimately disastrous mission to acquire Empowered some respect -- by force if necessary! All this, plus crossword-obsessed goons, speech-impaired superbeasts, "Ninjas Gone Wild," and even a few self-help hints from nigh-omnipotent cosmic overlords! You know, the usual.

208 pages, black and white, $14.95, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Rick Remender, penciled by Tony Moore, inked by Ande Parks, cover by Lee Loughridge.

Alone and trapped in the middle of a power struggle between the three most powerful empires in the universe, Heath Huston and a handful of his neighbor Texans form a resistance battalion known as the Fear Agents in the hopes of revisiting the terror and suffering they've endured back upon the alien invaders. However, they will soon learn . . . resistance is futile.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 4.


Written and art by Eric Powell.

The long winter of our discontent is over -- feast your eyes on the return of Eric Powell and The Goon! That's right, Powell has finally escaped Albatross's basement and returned to the sweet, nurturing bosom of funny books. The regular ongoing series picks up right where it left off as the Zombie Priest's sanity cracks up. His endless swarms of beastly little minions attack the Goon and Franky en masse, and there's no telling how long the brand-new Norton's Pub will last this time around!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 18.


Written and art by Matt Wanger.

Matt Wagner presents a 50-cent primer to his all-new mini-series staring Hunter Rose, the original Grendel, launching this fall.

Containing a prologue and unseen preview artwork to the upcoming series, this perfectly priced book provides an exclusive look at Wagner's return to his signature creation. It also includes an extensive interview with Wagner, covering both the new series and the 25th anniversary of Grendel as a whole.

A best-selling novelist by day and criminal overlord by night, Hunter Rose was the most feared individual ever to wear the mantle of Grendel. Long known only through journals discovered after his death, the mysterious life of Hunter Rose gives up a few more of its secrets when newly uncovered documents expose a previously unknown chapter in the life of this legendary assassin and underworld power-player.

For the first time in many years, Wagner writes and draws his signature Grendel character -- the ultimate treat for all who follow this modern master of comics or any fan of the character that began his career 25 years ago!

16 pages, black, white and red, 50 cents, in stores on July 18.


Pulp hero, Lobster Johnson, is brought to 3-D light on a sculptural magnet, following on the heels of our Hellboy and Right Hand of Doom magnets. Lobster Johnson, a fan favorite from the Hellboy comics, will soon star in his own mini0series, and makes a surprise appearance in Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron, the upcoming animated film from Starz Media. Due to overwhelming demand, we had no choice but to honor Lobster in a fabulous decorative magnet of his own! Lobster Johnson is adhered to a sturdy magnet, placed on a backing card, and secured with a clear blister.

$7.99, in stores on July 25.


Written by Mike Mignola, art by Duncan Fegredo, colored by Dave Stewart, cover by Mignola.

The Baba Yaga enlists the help of a deathless Russian warrior who may be more than a match for Hellboy. The long-awaited follow-up to 2005's The Island, the six-issue Darkness Calls sees Mike Mignola pushing his greatest creation, Hellboy, toward the next major turning point in his life.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 25.


Obi-Wan Kenobi, stalwart Jedi Knight and General of the Republic, travels to Utapau in Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith in order to stop the Separatist Council. He encounters the droid General Grievous and faces him in final battle, utilizing all of his combat skills and Jedi training.

With its detailed construction, grand size, and accurate styling, this Kotobukiya vinyl model is a 1/7 scale snap-fit kit that can be easily put together in seconds.

You can display Obi-Wan with General Grievous, coming next in the line of Kotobukiya figures, or alone. The bases of the two figures fit together to create a battle scene.

10.5 inches, $99.99, in stores on July 25.


Written by Frank Miller, art by Dave Gibbons, colored by Angus McKie.

On Earth, the battle for freedom rages on. The year is 2095 and the day is the one-hundredth birthday of Martha Washington. She is the leader of a small, resolute band that will not forfeit the pursuit of liberty‹no matter what the cost. Today, the cost will be high. Martha has seen much in her hundred years, from the triumphs and tragedies of the battlefront, to the deepest reaches of space. Today, she will finally see the truth.

Includes a special section of never-before-seen production sketches and drawings that predate Martha's first series, Give Me Liberty, along with Frank Miller's original plot notes, all wrapped inside a high-quality card stock cover. This all-new story by two of comics' legendary creators is the unprecedented conclusion to one woman's epic struggle for life's most valuable quality -- freedom. Miller and Gibbons reunite to tell the final chapter!

24 pages, $3.50, in stores on July 11.


Written by Eiji Otsuka, art by Sho-U Tajima.

MPD-Psycho Volume Two finds multiple personality detective Kazuhiko Amamiya on a new case -- which will result in even more personalities emerging inside his confused, scattered mind! A wave of grisly, imaginative schoolgirl suicides hits Tokyo! Investigating the scenes of these gruesome deaths, Amamiya and the colorful characters of the Isono Criminal Research Lab come across a new villain who knows about a key event from Amamiya's past. What does the white-haired Zenitsu have to do with the suicides, Amamiya's "barcode puzzle" theory, and a stuttering victim from a decades-old night of murder and destruction?

184 pages, black and white, $10.95, in stores on Sept. 25.


Dark Horse and sculptor William Paquette have been working closely with Pathfinder director Marcus Nispel to re-create a dramatic moment from the film in an extremely limited-edition pair of pre-painted statues for the discriminating collector.

Each statue stands alone and depicts the hero, known simply as Ghost, and his savage Viking adversary in a strong combat pose. When placed together, they form a gritty tableaux of intense action.

These statues are very limited. Only 350 numbered copies of Ghost will be produced, and only 500 numbered copies of Viking will be produced.

Ghost, 12 inches, $150, in stores on July 18; Viking, 15 inches, $175, in stores on July 18. white, $10.95, in stores on Sept. 25.


Written and art by Nicholas Gurewitch.

The award-winning Perry Bible Fellowship has a achieved a cult following both online and in its weekly appearances in newspapers and magazines around the world. Now, for the first time, the hilarious cartoons of Nicholas Gurewitch are being collected in this handsome hardcover edition.

94 pages, $14.95, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Zach Howard, Sean Murphy and Reed Buccholz, art by Howard and Murphy, colored by Charlie Kirchoff.

In space, no one can hear you scream . . . or belch, or swear, or cry like a little girl when you're about to be taken down by merciless interstellar bounty hunters who want that mysterious idol you swiped from that hot chick who inexplicably gave you the tip of a lifetime (if you know what I mean) when you showed up at the wrong hotel room with a pizza delivery. This assumes that "you" are ne'er-do-well big-talker Quinn and explains -- sort of -- how you hooked up (not like that!) with a badass ex-cop (and current mama's boy) named Krunk, who would just as soon kill you as look at you, if not both. By the way, the hot chick is now really hot -- in the bad way‹and this time she's probably going to tip you with a laser ax or a plasma grenade or something. Try talking your way out of that one, spacehole!

128 pages, $12.95, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Ron Marz, art by Luke Ross, colored by Rob Schwager.

The samurai Shiro followed his kidnapped love, Lady Yoshiko, across Eighteenth century Europe and Asia, only to have her slip through his fingers in the fabulous halls of Versailles, where she was stolen away by a villainous Spanish nobleman. Now Shiro's steadfast pursuit leads him across the Mediterranean and to the sands of fabled Egypt, where Yoshiko has been made a prized trophy in a desert warlord's harem. With the glorious ruins of ancient Egypt as a backdrop, Shiro will make a final stand, and be reunited with Yoshiko no matter the cost.

144 pages, $14.95, in stores on Sept. 12.


With the Serenity logo in brilliant litho-printed color on one side, and the iconic image from "Fruity Oaty Bar" commercial on the other, bordered by the exotic intergalactic currency created for the film, this handsome lunch box is an insider's dream come true.

8 inches by 7 inches by 3.75 inches, $17.99, in stores on Sept. 16.


Written and art by Tony Millionaire.

Inches the doll was the cutest in the whole house. Loved by everyone, the world was Inches's oyster. Then one day something happened . . . The Sock Monkey and Mr. Crow became concerned for their diminutive friend, but by then it was too late! The truth sent the terrified Sock Monkey and Crow fleeing for their lives! Inches had turned evil!

88 pages, black and white, $12.95, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written and art by Gilbert Hernandez.

There's a peeping Tom prowling the neighborhood. Eyewitness reports vary, but one thing is agreed upon: he wears a Devil mask. This is the story of Val Castillo, a promising gymnast with a strange hobby. She is secretly the neighborhood peeping Tom. At first she is alone in this, but when a male friend discovers her doings, he joins her into a dark journey of spying and making discoveries about their neighbors that may have been better left alone. Especially secrets that threaten all involved. Like Val spying on her own father and stepmother in their bedroom. This snowballs into a journey darker than the most cynical would care to endure.

24 pages, black and white, $3.50, in stores on July 25.


Written by Paul Chadwick, art by Douglas Wheatley, colored by Chris Chuckry, cover by Kilian Plunkett.

This is the story of Biggs Darklighter -- boyhood friend of Luke Skywalker, Imperial pilot, and hero of the Rebellion. Follow Biggs from his departure from Tatooine to attend the Imperial Academy, to his decision to lead a mutiny against the Empire and join the Rebellion, and finally, to his brave sacrifice during the attack on the Death Star.

96 pages, $19.95, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by John Jackson Miller, art by Harvey Tolibao, colored by Michael Atiyeh, cover by Chris Warner.

A new story arc begins as a megalomaniacal businessman unveils a plot that will have dire consequences for the Republic, the Mandalorians, and the galaxy they're warring over!

Lord Adasca, head of the massive corporation Adascorp, has set in motion a series of events that will change the face of the war between the Republic and the Mandalorians. He has arranged a meeting aboard his flagship the Arkanian Legacy, and as each invitee arrives, the nature of his game and its stakes for the galaxy are revealed.

Elsewhere on the ship, the elderly Camper and his young protector Jarael remained separated, each growing more concerned about the fate of the other. What are Lord Adasca's plans for them? If only their friend, fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick, would show up to work some of his Jedi magic!

40 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 25.


Written by John Ostrander, penciled by Jan Duursema, inked by Dan Parsons, colored by Brad Anderson, cover by Travis Charest.

"Krayt," part 1 of 6. Cade Skywalker has done some bad things in his life, but possibly none worse than turning over a captive Jedi -- Master Hosk -- to the Sith. Now he has come to Coruscant to atone for his sins, and hopefully set Hosk free. But Hosk isn't the only one Cade has crossed, and a chance run-in with a couple of old "friends" may send him on a new path.

This issue begins a story that will reveal the secret behind Legacy's most mysterious character, the self-proclaimed emperor of the Sith Empire, Darth Krayt!

40 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 11.


Written by Rob Williams, art by Michel Lacombe, colored by Wil Glass, cover by Ryan Sook.

A secret of tremendous importance to the Empire lies hidden on the planet Ahakista, and when a local civil war threatens it, Darth Vader will take its protection into his own hands!

A ragtag team of Rebel agents have discovered the Empire's secret on Ahakista thanks to an Imperial officer with an agenda of her own. Yet if they are to do anything about it, they'll need the help of the locals, who, embroiled in a civil war, are none too eager to take the Empire head on.

Meanwhile, Darth Vader grows tired of this backwater planet distracting him from more pressing matters. For his adversaries this means one thing -- death at the hands of the Sith Lord!

40 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 11.


Written and art by Kazuhiro Okamoto.

Teen-centric, quirky, and romantic, Translucent will appeal to shojo fans who like a little twist with their gakuen mono! Shizuka is an introverted girl, dealing with schoolwork, boys, and a medical condition that begins to turn her invisible! She finds support with Mamoru, a boy who is falling for Shizuka despite her condition, and with Keiko, a woman who suffers from this illness and has finally turned completely invisible. The mysterious disease that the teens struggle with becomes a metaphor in the ordinary lives of the students in their classes, as they try to work their way through their friendships and romances. Writer and artist Kazuhiro Okamoto knows how important surfaces are to people, especially at such a pivotal time in one's life -- when dreams are meant to be chased, despite all hurdles. Translucent's shifting variables between what people can see, what people think they see, and what people wish to see in themselves and others makes for an emotionally sensitive manga, peppered with moments of surprising humor, heartbreak, and drama.

192 pages, black and white, $9.95, in stores on July 25.


Written and art by Stan Sakai.

Time is running out for Lord Goyo's sick daughter and so is the patience of her father! Entrusting the fate of his offspring to the renowned healer Priest Jizonobu, Lord Goyo's faith has soured as his child's mysterious malady has progressed from bad to worse. To be fair, the Lord has offered the Priest one final incentive -- heal the girl, or see his temple destroyed and all within it killed!

As the Lord's daughter slips closer to death, there is little Jizonobu can do. Desperate for a cure, the Priest seeks out the hermit Ibaraki and the malefic gods to which he prays. Perhaps the girl's deliverance lies hidden within the shadows of the hermit's dark ways. Yet surely Jizonobu must know that for every good deed there must be a payment!

Also this issue, a full-color back cover pinup by David Petersen, creator of Mouse Guard!

24 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on July 25.


Written and art by Greg "Stainboy" Reinel.

A hail of bullets. Dive-bombing lawnmowers. Muscle cars and femme fatales with more curves than a runaway bus! Throw in a side of cheesecake and welcome to the shadowy underworld of Greg "Stainboy" Reinel. Peeling out from the early punk rock scene (and once fronting his own turbocharged rock 'n' roll dragster, Nutrajet) Stainboy's Day-Glo color, powerhouse linework, and love of pop culture trash have made his eye-assaulting posters a perennial favorite among rock's cutting edge, including Motörhead, Buzzcocks, Sevendust, High on Fire, and Nashville Pussy. Dripping with violent wit and dark humor, Stainboy's posters demand immediate attention, armed with loaded guns, busty broads, gleaming street machines, and tributes to classic exploitation cinema. Stainboy's dossier has grown to include a diversity of work for clients such as the House of Blues, Fuse TV, Club International magazine, Signatures Network, and music venues around the world.

112 pages, $19.95, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Stan Lee, art by Will Conrad, inked by Joe Pimentel, colored by Michael Bartolo, cover by Guilherme Balbi and IG Barros.

Last summer, the SciFi Channel, Nash Entertainment, and comics legend Stan Lee helped turn an ordinary person into an actual comic-book superhero! This year they're set to do it again, and to kick things off, Dark Horse presents the origin of last year's winner, Feedback!

Computer whiz Matthew Atherton is tricked by Ironside -- the world's deadliest terrorist -- into helping him perfect an unstoppable robot vehicle, little knowing that Ironside intends to use the vehicle to destroy Matthew's hometown! Left for dead by the terrorists, an unexpected event turns Matthew into Feedback, giving him one chance to redeem himself and save the city!

40 pages, $3.50, in stores on July 5.


Written and art by S. Jihyung.

A gamer fantasy comes true! Unlocking a secret level unleashes a biomechanical virus and makes human hosts of skilled players, converting them from shut-in geeks to thuggish cool kids -- Korean gangsters on motorbikes terrorizing the streets! But the virus has a secret agenda, one that spans the globe on the hunt for the most powerful "hybrid" humans, other kids with viral identities hidden in their brains.

This is the story of Chang and Mina, a couple of high school teens who like pop music, skateboarding, and movies. But lately they've had run-ins with violent attackers, and what are these robotic voices in their heads?

192 pages, black and white, $10.95, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Arvid Nelson, art by Matt Camp and colored by Dave Stewart.

The creator of Rex Mundi presents his vision of a shattered alternate future, as brutal gangs struggle for supremacy in a New York City ravaged by nuclear war. All that remains of the once mighty city are skeletal, irradiated skyscrapers, inhabited by thugs who abide by their own twisted rules. While crime lords vie for power and amoral paramilitary forces torment survivors of the devastation, one skilled outcast -- the mysterious Zero -- uses his strength and wits to stay a step ahead of everyone. Working for anyone while pledging allegiance to none, Zero is a bounty hunter who hunts the dregs of a ruined society . . . he is the Zero Killer.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 18.

Marvel Titanium Series Micro Figures Wave 4

Marvel Titanium Series Micro Figures Wave 4

They don't get much more metal than this! These tiny 3-inch die-cast metal collectible figures from the Spider-Man movies are too good to keep hidden! Collect all your favorites, and start a Marvel-ous new collection! This case includes 12 individually packaged figures, including: 5x Spideman Pose 1, 4x Venom, 3x Sandman. (Subject to change.)

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