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Painkiller Jane news -- and much more!


The Continuum has obtained eight new images from Spider-Man 3.

Above is an image of Bryce Dallas Howard's Gwen Stacy in danger stories above the New York streets after an accident.

The images below include two of director Sam Raimi, as well as Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, Topher Grace as Eddie Brock and Rosemary Harris as Aunt May.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images and look for more on Spider-Man 3 later on Thursday here in The Continuum.


The Continuum has obtained an image of Iron Man in his first suit from the upcoming Iron Man movie.

Production continues on Iron Man in Los Angeles under the direction of Jon Favreau.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

In other Iron Man news, according to Variety, Bill Smitrovich from Without a Trace has been cast in the film.

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In previewing its May sweeps highlights, The CW has released details about upcoming episods of Smallville.

The Thursday, May 3 episode will be "Noir."

In a special episode shot partially in black and white, Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore) sees what life in Smallville would have been like in the 1940s.

The season finale, "Pahntom," will air Thursday, May 17.

In the episode, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) tell Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) their marriage is over, and Clark (Tom Welling) goes after Lionel (John Glover) when he discovers the real reason Lana agreed to marry Lex.

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For covers and five- to six-page previews of Marvel Comics titles arriving in stores on April 18, CLICK HERE.

Titles include X-Men #198, X-Factor #18, X-23: Target X #5, Squadron Supreme: Hyperion vs. Nighthawk #4, Sensational Spider-Man #37, Moon Knight #9, Cable & Deadpool #39, Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures #6 and Mighty Avengers #2.

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For covers and four- to five-page previews of Image Comics titles arriving in stores on April 18, CLICK HERE.

Titles include After the Cape #2, Drain #3, Girls #24 and Invicible #40.

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Rudy Giuliani and Stephen Hawking make guest-voice appearances as themselves in "Stop or My Dog Will Shoot," the Sunday, April 29 episode of The Simpsons on Fox.

Here's how Fox describes the episode:

"Homer is upset when he realizes that Marge brought him and the family to a boring Harvest Fest instead of his much-anticipated day of debauchery at October Fest. Attempting to leave, Homer accidentally drags the family into a puzzling cornfield maze.

"When the whole family manages to escape except for Homer, they send out Santa's Little Helper, who sniffs out Homer and rescues him. Santa's Little Helper becomes a local hero and the Simpsons decide to enroll him in Police Dog Academy, where he's teamed with a grizzled veteran cop named Lou and they become a crime-busting duo.

"Bart's excitement quickly dissipates when a jaded Santa's Little Helper bites him, and the Simpsons send the dog away to live with Chief Wiggum. To appease Bart's depression after the loss of his dog, Marge agrees to buy him a huge pet snake. But when the snake causes a life-threatening situation at Bart and Lisa's school, Santa's Little Helper gets a chance to redeem himself."

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image of Guiliani.


* Warner Home Video has released the box art for The New Adventures of Superman. The two-disc set collects CBS' animated episodes from 1966 and will be in stores on June 26.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

* Michael Green, a writer/producer for NBC's Heroes, will be writing for DC Comics' Batman Confidential.

* Image Comics has announced that Spawn #166 has sold out and there will be a second printing with a new cover by new artist Brian Haberlin.

* Heroes' Masi Oka will be a guest on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Thursday, April 26.

* Gene Ha will be drawing Justice League of America #11.

* Devil's Due Publishing has announced sell-outs for Xombie #1, G.I. Joe: America's Elite #20-22, Dragonlance Chronicles Vol. 3 and Forgotten Realms: Streams of Silver #1. The publisher said it will be restocking Diamond Distributors within the next two weeks to meet demand.


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Marvel Titanium Series Micro Figures Wave 4

Marvel Titanium Series Micro Figures Wave 4

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