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FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2007


Below is a synopsis of the first episode of Sci Fi Channel's Painkiller Jane, with spoilers.

Written by: Gil Grant.

Directed by: Nick Copus.

DEA agent Jane Vasco (Kristanna Loken) and her partner Maureen Bowers (Alaina Huffman) are closing in on an undercover drug deal when, during the take down, Jane discovers two of the "dealers," Andre (Rob Stewart) and Connor (Noah Danby), are actually part of a new government unit who are on a covert mission of their own. But in all the confusion, she's seen and heard more than she should about a dangerous target -- something called a "Neuro" and now she wants answers.

It's not long before Andre, the unit's seasoned team leader, attempts to recruit Jane, tempting her with all the information she wants in exchange for joining their team. The catch: Once she's in, there's no going back. Refusing his offer, Jane chooses to find her own answers. To everyone's surprise, she manages to trace the unit's top-secret headquarters to a secured abandoned subway platform. Now she really is in too deep and they leave her with no choice but to become "Special Agent" Jane Vasco.

Meanwhile, Maureen's been doing some sleuthing of her own. Hacking into a complex computer network, she obtains key information about the Neuros and soon, she too must be brought into the fold.

They quickly learn that "Neuros" are human beings who have mysteriously developed Neurological aberrations that give them the unique ability to influence others. Their powers run the gamut, anything from telekinesis and mind persuasion to imposed hallucinations. While scientists struggle to understand the phenomenon, this new government unit has been assigned to track and contain the Neuros without alerting the public to their existence.

Jane and Maureen join the other core members of the unit, including Andre McBride; Connor King, a special agent regularly armed with a smart remark; Riley Jensen (Sean Owen Roberts), an evolved geek in charge of surveillance and communications; Dr. Seth Carpenter (Stephen Lobo), the unit's doctor and scientist; and Joe Waterman (Nathaniel Deveaux), the older subway caretaker who keeps their base secure.

Their first mission together has the team investigating the possibility that a Neuro has infiltrated one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and is the mastermind behind a massive scam involving the sale of sub-standard medications on the black market. During the course of the investigation, Jane takes a fall out of a window, plummeting 46 stories -- and survives to tell the tale. Inexplicably, and in a matter of hours, the massive wounds she sustained begin to heal themselves.

Back at headquarters, Seth is baffled. All of Jane's injuries have simply vanished, leaving her without a scratch. Unsure of what happened, or how to explain it, Jane continues working with the unit. Only now she is also wrestling with a new version of herself -- one she doesn't yet understand.

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