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Written by Craig Boldman, Kathleen Webb and Mike Pellowski, art by Stan Goldberg.

"Record Breaker": Instead of pressing CD's, the Archies decide to sell downloadable files of their songs on the internet... which doesn't translate to much profit once the 3 purchased files are shared over and over again! "Friendly Fire": Tired of the girls fighting over him, Archie decides giving up both Betty and Veronica will save their relationship.... but can it save Archie from the girls' wrath? "Canoe Help Us?": Archie takes Veronica for a one-way canoe ride... unintentionally one-way, of course!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on July 25.


Written by George Gladir, art by Stan Goldberg.

"Making it Big": It's a sad song and a happy song for Riverdale's favorite garage band: sad when The Archies blow an audition to appear on national TV, and big time when they end up on TV anyway... courtesy of an unexpected voice from the past!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on July 11.


Written by Fernando Ruiz and various, art by Rex Lindsey and various.

For 65 years Archie and his friends from Riverdale High have been delighting audiences of all ages. Now, in tribute to Archie's longevity, this special issue of Archie Digest pays tribute to Archie's illustrious past by reprinting Archie's very first adventures from Pep Comics #22 and Archie Comics #1! From Archie being a hapless showoff when Betty moves into town, to Archie being a tongue-tied, discombobulated wreck when Veronica moves into town, these early stories written by Vic Bloom and others reflect the free-wheeling fun of the popular screwball comedy movies of the day. Not to mention the charmingly exaggerated cartooning styles of Bob Montana and others so popular in the 1940s. As if that weren't enough, the original "funny animal" supporting features like Squoimy the Woim, Cubby the Bear and Bumbie the Bee-tective, from the legendary Joe Edwards are also included! If you've never seen Archie and his friends as they originally appeared, you're in for a treat with these milestone tales... as well as a brand new story created in homage to the gang -- " When Archie Meets Archie": On the eve of his 65th anniversary, Archie Andrews meets... himself! At least, the version of himself that appeared in Archie's first story! After Archie gets used to calling his other self "Chic," he ends up meeting the vintage Jughead and Betty, too -- also drawn 1940s style! The space-time continuum has never seen anything like this! Bonus: Puzzles, games and your chance to "Find Your Name in Print!"

Digest format, $2.49, in stores on July 11.


By various.

Double your pages, double your Archie and double your fun in this double digest full of new stories and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and your chance to "Find Your Name in Print!"

Digest format, $3.69, in stores on July 25.

BETTY #167

Written by Craig Boldman, George Gladir and Kathleen Webb, art by Stan Goldberg.

"Cloud 9": A kiss from Archie sends Betty afloat... literally... in this whimsical tale! "Nothing to Do": Betty visits Veronica to fight the summer doldrums, and learns just how valuable having "down time" can be! "Falling Apart": With fall just around the corner, Betty laments the passing the summer... or does she?

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on July 25.


Written by Kathleen Webb, art by Jeff Shultz.

"Caved In": Veronica is mortified when Betty takes her cave exploring -- until she sees the hunky tour guide! Surprises and dangers await in this thrilling tale! "Childish Pursuits": The boys give Betty and Veronica a hard time over their fondness for the hot new anime series, "Fairy Princess Bluebell." "Really Gifted": In this touching tale, the girls learn about a catalog where they can purchase clean water, food and other needs for those living in impoverished countries.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on August 1.


Written by Melanie J. Morgan and various, art by Steven Butler and various.

Part three of a special four-issue saga featuring Riverdale's favorite teens in a whole new look! "Bad Boy Trouble Part 3": Months after Archie Comics announced an extreme makeover for their flagship characters, the buzz continues! At this year's second annual blockbuster New York City Comic-Con, both fans and media alike swarmed the Archie Comics booth hoping to learn more about this major event! Is wild man Nick St. Clair the misunderstand romantic he's convinced Veronica he is, or the wolf in biker's clothing that her friends think he is? All will be revealed in the pages of Betty & Veronica Digest, drawn in an all-new realistic style. Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and your chance to "Find Your Name in Print!"

Digest format, $3.69, in stores on July 11.


Written by Craig Boldman, art by Rex Lindsey.

"The Magic Touch": Jughead reveals his latest sweet skill -- the ability to un-stuck/un-clog/un-jam anything with a well-placed.... well, see for yourself! "The Ties that Bind": Jughead convinces Archie that time spent tying a tie is best spent bettering the world! "Thrills & Spills": A slippery floor and a pot of beans -- the typical recipe for an Archie pratfall, only you won't believe the pair that are falling this time!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on July 18.


Written by George Gladir and various, art by Bill Galvan and various.

"Mission Improbable": With Jughead helping his mother man their booth at the bake sale, do the delicious desserts stand a chance? That's a chance Jughead's Mom would rather not take, so when she has to leave her post, its maximum security lockdown for the cake Jug's had his eyes on. But with a little help from one of Dilton's inventions, Jughead just may take the cake... literally!

Digest format, $2.49, in stores on August 1.


Written and art by various.

The spotlight is on the cast of Archie supporting characters, in this double digest featuring new stories and classic tales. Bonus: Puzzles, games and your chance to "Find Your Name in Print!"

Digest format, $3.69, in stores on July 26.


Written by Joe Edkin, art by David Hutchison and Terry Austin, cover by Spaz.

"Decoe and Bocoe's Not-So-Excellent Misadventure": After years of service the evil Eggman fires his loyal henchbots Decoe and Bocoe and replaces them with the deadliest Œbots ever, Dukow and Bukow! These new bots won't take "lose" for an answer, and hand Sonic the fight of his life! If he hopes for even a small shot at victory, Sonic must team up with the last person anyone would expect!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on July 18.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Tracy Yardley and Jim Amash, cover by Spaz.

"House of Cards Part 1 of 2": Sonic's hometown of New Mobotropolis has been devastated by unspeakable threats from beyond... but what about those within? There's talk of revolution, and Sonic will have to choose sides! Will the leaders of the rebellion drive a wedge between Sonic and Tails forever? It's the fight everyone's feared but never thought they'd see... mentor vs. protégé, friend vs. friend, , Sonic vs. Tails!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on August 1.


Written and art by Fernando Ruiz and others.

"Civil Chores Part One": It's a story that may just set the teens of Riverdale asunder! Archie goes on strike to protest the many chores/low allowance imbalance, and finds he has a lot of allies prepared to join him in his cause. But when Jughead realizes a raise for Archie means more dates with the girls and less time to hang with him, he forms an uneasy alliance with Riverdale's sneakiest and shiftiest. Will these monetary politics prove to be a triumph or tribulation for Riverdale's teens? Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and your chance to "Find Your Name in Print!"

Digest format, $2.49, in stores on July 18.


Written by Dan Parent, Barbara Slate and Samantha Slate, art by Parent.

"The Dream Job(?)": Veronica gets a job interning at Trend Magazine for a very demanding boss reminiscent of a certain Prada-wearing film fatale! "Madame President": Veronica dreams about becoming President... until Betty fills her in on the facts behind her fantasy!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on August 1.

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