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Below is a synopsis of the "Toy Soldiers" episode of Sci Fi Channel's Painkiller Jane, with spoilers.

Written by: Lawrence Hertzog.

Directed by: Michael Robison.

The unit investigates a bizarre string of thefts from highly guarded military stockpiles. The daring intruders seem to be miraculously recovering from the gunfire of security in each of the incidents, making off with sophisticated weapons and surveillance gear.

A military motorpool building is targeted next by the mysterious thieves, but the FBI is ready and has the location surrounded. Unbeknownst to the Feds - and the thieves - our team is also there, ready to pull off a covert investigation of their own.

When the gunned down thief is loaded into the ambulance, we discover it's Jane (Kristanna Loken) and Connor (Noah Danby) at the wheel, taking their suspect in for a Neuro medical examination. Back at headquarters, Dr. Carpenter (Stephen Lobo) makes a shocking discovery ¬Ýthe man who, just hours before, was pulling off a daring military heist, has been dead for five weeks. At the same time, cemeteries in the area are reporting the disappearance of buried bodies. The team's investigation reveals that people aren't breaking into the graves the bodies are breaking out.

With an upcoming presidential visit in a matter of days, the team connects the thefts to an assassination plot involving a small army of corpses, controlled like puppets by an unidentified Neuro. But when the next break-in turns out to be a sporting goods warehouse, the pieces just don't fit and there are too many unanswered questions for Jane.

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